Clef Technology

Clef Technology

Clef Technology provides an acoustic leakage detection system with non-invasive installation for liquids or gases pipeline.

Founded: May 2017

About Clef Technology

Clef Technology has created an innovative solution to combat pipeline leakage.Pipe- line leakage is a serious issue, and with ageing pipelines, leaks are often an unavoid-able reality for pipeline operators, requiring manual intervention, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Clef system has a specially designed algorithms coupled by acoustics processing techniques to ensure a high degree of accuracy plus low rates on false alarm. Each device operates independently to monitor 100% of the pipeline with no mute or dead zones and processed data displayed on screen in real time.


Kuo Shyh-Hung CMO May, 2017 - Present
Jason Ng
Jason Ng CEO May, 2017 - Present

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