Deal'n unlocks small-scale sustainable value creation! Empowering users to formulate their own solutions! Utilizing skills, talents & business, to earn an income in innovative manner across borders

Founded: August 2016

About Deal'n

Deal’n is anew concept of lucrative business module that incorporates " eCommerce with philanthropy." We're aiming to achieve our vision of a unified, empowered & compassionate society members, empathetic towards each other, financially independent. Through formulating their own solutions creating jobs based on their abilities & capabilities from personal basek skills & talents & encouraging entrepreneurial approach.
Deal’n was nominated as 1 of the best 300 startups worldwide at the Web Summit Lisbon 11/2016, TechinAsia Singapore 05/2017, Rise Hong Kong 07/2017, e27 08/2017 & invited to participate at the Web Summit in Lisbon 11/2017 as BETA (a successful startup.)
Our platform, empowers users by transforming their basic skills & talents to a traded currency, while supporting sustainability by fostering trade of used goods, reusing, up-cycling & championing creativity through innovative methods..
Rather than traditional ones & partnering with local Ngo's such as; DOT (daughters of Tomorrow) empowering underprivileged women, ISCOS ( supporting ex offenders & their partners), community centres ( identifying families subsidised by the government) .
Senior citizens (empowering them to stay productive, revive traditional arts & craftsmanship.) Providing a productive impact, improving their financial situation, thus empowering them emotionally & creating local social events to establish personal interaction.
Deal'n Family of users & experts, supporting each other to grow to their full potential & providing the tools to improve their current situation & achieve a better future. Aiming, to bring back the sense of community through creating an empathetic & compassionate members, united in supporting each other.
Mini Deal'n opens the doors for our youth to share their vision of the present & the future, identifying at an early stage their economical & social fears & expectations .
Free membership & subscription,customised ECommerce innovative store & crossing borders !


Nadia Al Sheikh
Nadia Al Sheikh founder &CEO Aug, 2016 - Present

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