DewTouch Innovations Pte Ltd

DewTouch Innovations Pte Ltd

Fleetnetics empowers the rental, workshops and spare parts companies with the best in class automotive management platform, productivity services & connects them to their clients via our ecosystem.

Founded: May 2012

About DewTouch Innovations Pte Ltd

Fleetnetics ( bursts onto the scene to radically revolutionise automotive industry globally.

We sought to build the best-in-class automotive management platform & productivity services - by reinventing productivity & business process and unite the business and technology-facing sides of the automotive industries.

Conceived in Singapore 2012 and with over 50,000 R&D hours, Fleetnetics's smart innovation of business processes infuses the 3 distinct verticals: rental, workshops and spare parts companies with the right tools to grow, scale and soar.

Fleetnetics is powered by a team of 15 and based in Singapore. It is trusted by numerous market leaders including Kah Motors, (Honda Dealer), Wearnes (Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover), Tokyo Century Leasing, BMW & Volvo Spare Parts Stockists in Singapore.

Our work in progress include:
Fleetnetics Connect Ecosystem:
This will connect multiple interested parties from workshops, leasing companies, auto spare part suppliers, motor insurers, e-commerce platforms and finally data analytic/ Credit Bureau.

(i) Develop data analytics capabilities for motor workshops,
and integrate these into our ERP system.
(ii) Develop and test machine learning models
(iii) Automation of model building and integration of predictive
capability into ERP system

We believe Our value propositions are unique and niche.

To scale further, we are now exploring various Asean markets and currently in negotiation with potential customers in Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia.

We are looking for partners to work with us to expand to the regional market.

We are or awarded:
(a) Microsoft BizSpark Plus Partner since 2016
(b) Singapore Motor Workshop Association Member
(c) Singapore Vehicle Rental Association Member
(d) Partner to Institute of Technical Education Singapore (ITE) for their automotive related courses.
(e) CDGTI Funding from IMDA


Aik Boon Chua
Aik Boon Chua Mar, 2017 - Present



Round: Seed
Round Size: US$70K
Date: Feb 2013