Floship was founded in Q1 2015 and ‘works very closely’ with Indiegogo to handle logistics for startups.

About Floship

Floship is a leading provider of international fulfillment, recognized for fast and cost-effective worldwide shipping services. They offer the total solution for your eCommerce business to reach new markets. By ensuring your logistics are handled by the best in the business, they provide you with the peace of mind to focus on other important things – taking your eCommerce to the next level.

Floship was founded in Q1 2015 and ‘works very closely’ with Indiegogo to handle logistics for startups such as Pressy (a snazzy headphone-jack plug-in that adds an extra button to Android phones) and Nanoleaf (funky light bulbs trying to save the environment).

Its business strategy is to develop a relationship with crowdfunding campaigns as early as possible and grow with its clients. The company works under the premise that it is not wise to focus on markups and extra fees because ‘if you sell more, you ship more’.

The couriers Floship has partnered with are, as Marketing Manager Richard McGirr puts it, “everyone you’ve ever heard of.” The names include DHL, UPS, FedEx, Royal Mail, SF Express and even the United States Postal Service. It currently works with about 40-50 clients and around half of its shipments go to the US with the other major markets being the UK, Europe and Australia.

According to the company, the reason Floship is having greater success in Western countries is because it is a challenge navigating Asian countries whose ‘rules of business’ differ immensely amongst one another.


Christopher Moore
Christopher Moore Digital Strategist Jun, 2015 - Present




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Round: Seed
Round Size: US$1.2M
Date: Sep 2015