GuestReady takes the hassle out of short-term & vacation rentals. We provide 5* services to busy Airbnb hosts, allowing them to maximize their rental income while enjoying a hands-off management.

Founded: May 2016

About GuestReady

To put it simply, they are the middle person between host and short-term rental platform. What they offer you is completely hassle-free management of your property: they do the price setting, the advertizing, and provide the services - you just sit back and enjoy the extra income. Additionally, they take a lot of care in selecting reliable guests and personally welcoming them and seeing them off, as they are fully aware of how precious your property is to you. Many of their customers previously used their apartments for long-term letting, and dared to switch to the more profitable tourist market only because of their expert guest selection process.

In addition to taking over the full management of your property on Airbnb, including all services, they also offer standalone services. If you prefer doing some things yourself, they can of course still help you with the rest - you can pick exactly what you want!


Idzwan Tan
Idzwan Tan City Manager Singapore Jun, 2016 - Present
Patrick Degen
Patrick Degen CFO Apr, 2016 - Present
Jonna van Kalker
Jonna van Kalker Country Manager Netherlands Jul, 2016 - Present
Lou Chan
Lou Chan Country Manager Hong Kong May, 2016 - Present
Michal Kubis
Michal Kubis Operarions Manager Nov, 2016 - Present


Round: Venture Round
Round Size: US$700K
Date: Nov 2016
Round: Seed
Round Size: Undisclosed
Date: Nov -0001