Heffy.co Mobile Yearbooks

Heffy.co Mobile Yearbooks

Yearbook just got social! Appgrade your school's yearbook - bring back moments and look into your bright future with Heffy. Take it anywhere easily and securely on your mobile device.

Founded: October 2015

About Heffy.co Mobile Yearbooks

What is Heffy?

Heffy is a social mobile yearbook app and platform which aims to revolutionize schools' traditional experience of having a yearbook, Heffy brings to life the once cherished moments of our lives and allows us to make every day the best day of our lives.

With Heffy's solution, school's may have their very own private social network. Want to Appgrade your yearbook? Ask your school to avail Heffy as your digital yearbook app and platform today.

Why Heffy?

Heffy will keep everyone in touch with its social and professional network feature – all at the same time. If your graduates are seeking for job opportunities or looking for nearby trainings and seminars, Heffy will help them find and lead them to the career they want. Heffy is easily accessible on the computer, iPhone and Android.

Core Features
- School's white labeled app and own private social network in Web, iOS and Android devices
- Messaging (Chat /Group Chat)
- Notifications
- Announcements
- Jobs
- Gifts
- Yearbook Subscription Management System

Use Cases
- Mobile and Online Yearbook
- Alumni Network


Joebert Vidal
Joebert Vidal Web Developer Oct, 2015 - Present
Jairus Bondoc
Jairus Bondoc CEO Oct, 2015 - Present
Jai1 Developer Jan, 2018 - Present

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