HelloGold is a financial services blockchain platform for mass market consumers in emerging markets to save, borrow and send real assets, starting with gold.

Founded: December 2015

About HelloGold

HelloGold is an Asian fintech start-up which was launched in Malaysia in November 2016. We aim to address major financial product gaps in emerging economies. We plan to roll out into ASEAN and other key Asian markets in H2 2017

Our initial focus is on building innovative shariah-compliant gold financial products that are simple, affordable (from as low as RM1) and accessible (through mobile apps on smartphones) for everyone, 24X7

With HelloGold, everyone will be able to buy, sell, save, send gold and use investment-grade gold as collateral

The three overarching problems HelloGold solves are that
1) There is an over-reliance on cash for savings,
2) Credit facilities are not available to the mass market at affordable pricing, and
3) Expensive cross-border remittance services

HelloGold collaborates with channel partners such as financial institutions, mobile network carriers and other businesses who share our target customer profiles for customer acquisition. Our launch partner is one of Asia's largest retailers with operations in over 13 countries. HelloGold is launching its product in its test market in Malaysia into its partner's 4+ million customers

In Malaysia alone, HelloGold expects to sign up 500,000 customers over the next 5 years from the customer base of its existing corporate partner. Across the five markets (Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and China) that our financial model is built on and that our partner operates in, HelloGold expects to build a customer base of 10 million customers over the next five years. More specifically, our AUM projection by year 5 is $5 billion

From a technological standpoint, transaction records will be lodged onto an Ethereum blockchain that is governed by smart contracts to enable both conditionality coding to facilitate financing and collateralisation and immutability that makes the ledger both open to scrutiny and impervious to tampering


Robin Lee
Robin Lee Co-Founder & CEO Dec, 2015 - Present
Ridwan Abdullah
Ridwan Abdullah Co-Founder/Business Development Sep, 2015 - Present
Kai Lin Lai
Kai Lin Lai Product Manager Nov, 2016 - Present
Isabel Taye
Isabel Taye Marketing Producer Oct, 2016 - Present


Round: Series A
Round Size: Undisclosed
Date: Apr 2018

Round: Series A
Round Size: US$12M
Date: Sep 2017

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