hiSella  Top100 - Echelon Asia Summit 2015

hiSella is online tool to help anyone selling on Facebook to profit more by helping them to run better ad campaigns, communicate with customers more effectively and to fully control their shop.

Founded: August 2014

About hiSella

For the past 6 years, theyhave been building products for Joomla and Wordpress and selling them to global market. Currently, they have just released an online tool to help Facebook merchants to sell more.

In Vietnam and SEA region, Facebook has been choose by many merchants as the starting point for their ecommerce venture. While Facebook is an extremely efficient platform to reach customers, it was not built for ecommerce and lacks many critical features. First, merchant has no centralized place to manage customers, orders and products. Second, customers inquires are coming from multiple sources flooding merchants and causing them to lose sales. And third, sellers on Facebook are mostly newcomers and knows very little about how to do Facebook marketing effectively.

hiSella is a turn key solution to help merchants to skyrocket their profit. It provides educational materials and tools to help merchants run better Facebook ads. Then, hiSella collects inquires from all over the Facebook page and merge them into centralized conversation like in Skype. Based on customers request, merchants can create orders and manage other shop resources like product inventory and customers. And one more thing, hiSella provides independent storefront running on merchant’s domain to help him to utilize one more selling channel in parallel with Facebook.

hiSella team comprises of the best 12 people of BraveBits. They bring to the table everything they have and there is great team of advisors sharing the journey with them.


Judges' Comments
Amarit Charoenphan

Amarit Charoenphan

Thailand Startup Ecosystem Builder & Metapreneur / Co-CEO & Cofounder, HUBBA

No traction or revenue, wait and see.

Arnaud Bonzom

Arnaud Bonzom

Corporate Innovation @ 500 Startups | Author | Speaker

Need to prove the inital traction.

David Tran

David Tran


They need a more concrete and viable customer acquisition strategy besides "hope it goes viral". Also questionable is whether their product is sufficient with the current features.

we are Looking for funding