Homage is redefining home care by combining curated caregivers with smart technology, allowing seniors to age at home with grace, control and dignity.

Founded: 2016

About Homage

Homage is a trusted senior home care marketplace and technology platform seamlessly connecting seniors to the best quality of care on demand.

The Homage platform uses a proprietary matching engine that pairs seniors with the best care professionals for their needs in real-time. Family members can schedule, manage, and monitor care visits through Homage family app from anywhere, stay in communication with the care professional and get real-time information on the care their senior is receiving. Homage app will let family members know who visited their loved ones, how long they spent in the home, and what activities they did.

Our technology allows us to send a Homage care professional to senior’s house within 2 hours. Homage’s app for care professionals lets them efficiently run their business, gives them better client information: a care plan individualized to each senior, helpful tips, ability to run on their own schedule, easy communication with the family members through their app.


Arnout Hemel Head of Product Jan, 2018 - Present
Gillian Tee
Gillian Tee CEO Jan, 2016 - Present




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Round: Seed
Round Size: US$1.2M
Date: Mar 2017

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