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IBI Global  2016 TOP100 Judges' Choice

We drive innovation by bringing cultural diversity into education via the blended eLearning model that completely replaces classroom learning.

Founded: September 2012

About IBI Global

IBI Global is the trusted provider of English language training and corporate innovation coach based on the blended eLearning solution that completely replaces classroom training for corporations, startups and institutions.

We strongly believe that most companies are in need of an entrepreneurial mindset to help them innovate. During our innovation projects we focus on corporate innovation, giving you the skills, confidence, and support to drive and influence change in your organization.

Established by experienced and talented technologists, experts and mentors. During years of coaching in different corporations, we have found that every talent has strong desire to learn, however finding a quality learning model in which could engage work and life into full of opportunities for self-development and optimise their capability and innovation is struggling for them.

Second, we also discovered one of the best ways to drive innovation is bringing expertise from different cultures into education.

So, the question that how to create a quality learning model that could leverage innovation from culture diversity with cost effectiveness was our obsession.

The founding team, with enthusiastic determination and passion, thrivingly integrated new effective technologies in teaching and learning based on the harmonious combination of profound knowledge in the context of innovation pedagogy in align with emerging technology, to create the online learning platform that achieves a good balance within group learning and real time discussion, self-study and interactive learning.

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Robin Nguyen
Robin Nguyen CEO Jun, 2010 - Present
Silvia Buonpadre
Silvia Buonpadre Academic Advisor Mar, 2013 - Present