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The English language and Business skills Online learning solution completely replaces classroom learning

Founded: September 2012

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Unlike one or two day business courses of traditional classroom training to help learners acquire some knowledge needed. IBI business soft skills online coaching has transformed the way of learning by focusing on creating skills for learners and building impact learning culture for companies.

Moreover, IBI exclusive teaching methodology, the project-focused system (PFS), is a comprehensive resource addressing all key aspects of Business Teaching. This methodology is considered as the innovation based on the cream and strengths of well-known international methodologies such as the project-based learning, The case method and the hands-on teaching.

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About IBI (International Bilingual Institue)

IBI (International Bilingual Institute) is the trusted provider of English language and Business Skills Online Learning solutions for corporations, schools and organizations. founded and operated by international experienced educators.

Established by experienced teachers and educators who understand students' interests inside the classroom as well as their strengths, weaknesses, and difficulties in learning a language or acquire a business skill. We have discovered that every talent has strong desire to learn, but finding a quality learning model that could balance work - learn - life is still struggling for them.

The founders, with enthusiastic determination and passion, thrivingly integrated new effective technologies in teaching and learning based on the harmonious combination of profound knowledge in the context of innovation pedagogy in align with emerging technology, to create the online learning platform that achieves a good balance within group learning and real time discussion, self-study and interactive learning conducted by competence-based teachers and experts.

IBI was designed and built as the English language and Business skills online learning pioneering solution that completely replaces classroom training. This expresses our founders' vision of building a flexible but quality focused learning model that equipes talents with the skills and knowledge needed to contribute to their career development.

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Robin Nguyen
Robin Nguyen CEO Jun, 2010 - Present
Silvia Buonpadre
Silvia Buonpadre Academic Advisor Mar, 2013 - Present