More Grounds Than Reason Pte. Ltd.

More Grounds Than Reason Pte. Ltd.

MGTR is a digital media production company that offers innovative media and marketing solutions for footballing Asia.

Founded: January 2019

About More Grounds Than Reason Pte. Ltd.

Founded in 2019 we currently develop software solutions for interactive online communities and web portals - think social networking and content-sharing sites, as well as create original digital content. MGTR creates for and together with users and stakeholders, as we believe in the power of engaging user-generated content.

Our expertise draws from Football Fans Asia, a Southeast Asia-based media brand that seeks to leverage stories and individual voices of local fans globally and our roots in what some might call the Ultra subculture. MGTR cofounders Daniel and Tobias build the brand since 2016 and successfully reach millions of fans globally.

Having started the journey as a passion-driven media project, MGTR presents the next step in reaching our goal: Providing the digital focal point for fans across the globe.


Tobias Enkel
Tobias Enkel Cofounder & Operations Jan, 2019 - Present