Mussy is musicians marketplace platform in Indonesia. We aim to help people to get great affordable musicians in easiest & fastest way. already have 2500 musicians & serves >1000 events.

Founded: January 2017

About Mussy is musicians marketplace platform that enable people to get good affordable local musicians in easiest & fastest way.

We see big problem that many people such as couple who plan their wedding, marketing staff who plan an event, or restaurant manager that want to make regular live music performance facing challenge to get good affordable musicians.

They face arduous process to find musicians from asking for recommendation, try hard to search in instagram/google/youtube but couldn’t get good information. It takes 7 days in average to get good musicians and its really long. And the second challenge is music entertainment services is now dominated by entertainment/management who offer very high booking price around 10 million rupiah and its really quite expensive for middle class people. They also don’t know about the quality standard that sometimes leads to poor quality performance.

Well responding to these problem, provides solution of musicians marketplace platform so everyone can easily access, find, & book good affordable local bands or musicians in fastest way. We ensure that we bring affordable price since they are millenial local band. We also ensure that we offer is a good quality musicians since we do screening by professional musician before publishing in website

Our target market is wide from B2C & B2B. The population for targeted market is around 50 million people, and we targeting 5 million with average transaction value of 5 Million rupiah, means we can get potential total market value for around IDR 25 T or around 1,8 Billion dolar.

We are getting income from 30% commission sharing and talent package, and we plan to build music streaming apps that we can get monthly subscription fee from it.

Now, We already achieve around IDR 1 Billion revenue, having around 1500 users & 2500 musicians. Also being honored as judges choices of Echelon Asia Summit 2019 & 2nd Winner of Indonesia Startup Insight 2018 held in Singapore.


Desty Rama Rumondang
Desty Rama Rumondang Apr, 2019 - Present



Round: Angel
Round Size: US$15K
Date: Jan 2017

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