PolicyStreet is a game changer in the insurance space.It aims to be THE one stop for all things insurance:an aggregator, value seeker,premium contender & an enabler in a market that needs redefinition

Founded: January 2017

About Polisea

Polisea Sdn. Bhd. is the holding company of PolicyStreet, an insurance technology company, advancing insurance and healthcare through technologies.

The name Polisea is inspired by our mission to "empower people to be sufficiently covered by insurance policies by making them simple, easy and accessible to people from all walks of life."

PolicyStreet aims to be THE one stop for all things insurance, comprising the following: an online content aggregator, a value seeker, a premium contender and an innovation enabler in the insurance space to empower consumers with the right insurance knowledge and awareness to make a better informed decision.

PolicyStreet makes comparative analysis of insurance products from various policies based on provider, features and coverage. With its needs-based infrastructure, consumers can discover their coverage gaps and review policies that meet their needs. It works in an inclusive ecosystem where it connects consumers with the right agents to complete the purchase of life policies whilst ensuring the best-in-class service levels.

It aspires to be the infrastructure-go-to for Insurance companies in the region to facilitate a more efficient bridging between their agency management and their potential clienteles.

More information is available at http://www.policystreet.com


Jason Lee
Jason Lee Chief Strategy Officer Jan, 2017 - Present
Yen Ming Lee
Yen Ming Lee Co-Founder & CEO Dec, 2016 - Present
Winnie Chua
Winnie Chua Chief Product Officer Dec, 2016 - Present

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