A digital automated wealth management platform that allows the average person to start building wealth with small amounts while learning throughout the process.

Founded: July 2015

About Smartly

A Singapore-based, VC backed Fintech startup building a new-generation Roboadvisory platform

Investing overall is considered to be difficult by the general public. This has resulted in limited transparency in investments and asset managers posing high fees and high thresholds to start investing. In addition, financial education overall is poor or non-existing.
Currently if an average person with less than 100K SGD wants to start saving and investing their money then the only solution offered is a unit trust, which offers very limited transparency, statistically poor performance and high expense ratios as well as numerous hidden fees.
Due to its fully automated digital nature, our platform allows the customer to start building wealth with as little as 50 dollars a month and pay fees as low as 0,5% a year (no additional costs).


Keir Veskiväli
Keir Veskiväli CEO Jul, 2015 - Present
Artur Luhaäär
Artur Luhaäär CFO & Co-Founder Jul, 2015 - Present

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