Cheers! was the sentiment put forth by the judges at the Echelon TOP100 Thailand Roadshow held today in Bangkok.

Wishbeer, a local startup that has leveraged an O2O strategy to become a leading company selling microbrew beers, won Friday’s pitching competition on the last pitch of the day.

The judges cited the fact that Wishbeer had entered a competitive market and had still managed to become a market leader — and had done so with minimal funding, having only received a seed investment from 500 Tuk Tuks, the Thai branch of 500 Startups.

As a reward for winning, Wishbeer will receive an exhibition booth at Echelon Asia Summit 2018 in Singapore on June 28-29. They also won a free 6-month hot desk pass that can used at any WeWork space within Southeast Asia. Finally, Wishbeer will go home with some cash in the pocket, taking home S$500 (US$380).

Winning the fan vote at today’s competition was TalentCobra, a startup that has built an automated software to help companies outsource their hiring costs at a fraction of the price.

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But, as we always mention, winning is arbitrary and much of the value of pitching competitions comes from the ability to clearly explain a business in front of potential investors, business partners and customers.

So let’s have a quick glance at all the companies that pitched today!

Sidenote: According to a friendly waitress, Thai people just say “cheers” when clinking their drinks in celebration.

Echelon TOP100 Thailand Roadshow startups

Block M.D.

Block M.D. leverages the blockchain to help make medical records for accessible, efficient and secure.


CalCal is a calorie and lifestyle management app. The service helps people track their exercise and diet to count calories and achieve their fitness goals.


Cloudcommerce wants to be the go-to management tool for SMEs who want to sell on the major e-commerce brands like Amazon, Alibaba or even social media commerce.

Hungry Hub

HungryHub takes restaurant booking to the next level by specifically targeting all-you-can-eat buffets.


RubBUDD is a credit card payments company that helps shops start buying and selling with and easy credit infrastructure.


OneDee is an HR management platform for employee attendance. It leverages a mobile app to help companies save time when managing time-off and employee working hours.

Pinsouq Halal Marketplace

Pinsouq is a halal e-commerce platform for Thailand. It sells goods like hijabs, halal treats and women’s fashion.


Plizz is an all-in-one platform to manage payroll, accounting and tax obligations for businesses. It wants to be the one-stop place for any company’s financial management.


Ranked is an SEO management company that uses artificial intelligence to make SEO services significantly more affordable.


Skynet is a portfolio trading platform. It uses technology to help people get actionable insights from current and future trends.


Tekram is a social commerce platform for online influencers to become local brand representatives. The goal is to build a large network so they can create their own online shopping mall in Tekram.


Vitaboost is a personalised vitamins company that prescribes the ideal set of vitamins for someone based on the result of a blood test.


Wealthi uses machine learning and big data analytics to help underserved people gain access to financial services.


Our People’s Choice winner is a leading-edge talent hunter that uses technology to eliminate 50 per cent of the time it takes to hire employees.

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It is integrated with LinkedIn and Facebook to provide access to a large pool of potential talent.


ChikChic provides smart solutions to enhance your chicken farming experience for maximum productivity


Our Judge’s Choice winner is a beer delivery startup that is delivering the best beer to your doorstep. They also have a few physical locations in Bangkok and have built a true O2O beer-commerce startup.