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Concerned parents, rejoice. We have a list of startups with products to help supervise your children’s time on the Internet.

Some parents fear that their children will spend more time with their gadgets instead of socialising with friends in real life; while some fear their children will not come out on top when the end of semester report is out.

Whatever their concern is, parenting in the digital era means parents need to be two steps ahead of their children in order to keep them from overusing their gadgets – or accessing pornographic and violent materials online.

The following startups provide services and products that help parents do that job.

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Kakatu (Indonesia)

Kakatu (1)

The Jakarta-based startup provides an app that helps parents select the apps that their children can use, and limits the time for them to use it. Parents can also track their children app usage history and get expert recommendations on child-friendly apps.

Kakatu even has a feature to track children’s whereabouts through their phone or tablet.

Founder Muhamad Nur Awaludin developed Kakatu following his own experience as a former game addict. As a teen, he spent hours playing video games and would only communicate with his parents when he was going to ask for money.

“Then, right before I graduated from university, both of my parents died. One of their dreams was to see me graduating from university … I could not make them happy. It made me realise that technology and gadgets take a lot of quality time away from my family,” he said during a presentation at Seedstars World Jakarta.

Nester (Korea)

Nester (1)

Seoul-based Nester provides similar features to Kakatu, but the app’s highlight is the Ending Game feature that, when used correctly, will help children learn the concept of self-control and time management.

Nester allows children to see how much time they have left until the app automatically shuts down. Once it is nearing shut-down time, the Ending Game will pop up to help distract and prepare them for what is coming.

“We need to provide something understandable that kids can anticipate what is going on and coming on next. It makes our kids learn how to think and connect with cause and effect,” says Sune Kim, CEO of Mindquake, the company that produces Nester, as quoted by Technode.

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iDaddy (China)

iDaddy (1)

The Shanghai-based company provides service that is slightly different from the previous two apps. iDaddy serves as a platform for a wide variety of educational apps. Parents can be certain that the apps featured in iDaddy are safe for their children.

Apart from games, the platform also puts extra focus on apps that aim to help children hone reading skills through its Story Bag feature.

Using Mandarin as its primary language, iDaddy claims that it is working with more than 95 per cent of educational apps and software providers in China.

SuperAwesome (UK, Southeast Asia)

SuperAwesome (1)

This one will help parents protect their children from the other side.

SuperAwesome is a digital advertising platform that creates and channels advertisements targetting kids and teenagers. The London-based company is strengthening its Southeast Asia presence by setting up offices in Bangkok, Hanoi and Jakarta.

Children have always been a potential target for marketing. However, there are concerns that advertisements that show up in children’s apps or games may not be suitable for them.

“We are the only marketing platform that is able to reach kids under 13 … We do [it] with technology that is COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant and used by international brands worldwide,” said Quan Nguyen, Regional CEO of SuperAwesome (ASEAN).