(Translated from DailySocial)

The importance of internet browser can’t be neglected. In this internet-era, its importance lays in helping us to communicate through our gadgets such as smartphone, tablet, and desktop. Recently, StatCounter released their 2013 report about the most favourite Internet Browser for Indonesian Users.

In that report, there are five browsers that gain significant results. Those five browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Android Browser, and the rest fall into ‘others’ category.

From those six, Mozilla Firefox comes on top when it comes to the one that Indonesian people use the most as their internet browser. The browser’s utilization covers all range of devices such as desktop, cellphone, and tablet. The result can be seen in the chart below:


We can see that Firefox dominates the browser competitions. Its usage percentage rakes up as much as 60%, far above others. Its closest competition is Google Chrome, which merely only get 30% from the whole market, half of what the Firefox has achieved. This result shows that Firefox is the most powerful browser among the Internet users in Indonesia.

This unbalanced result means that Safari, IE, Android Browser, and others look powerless in the competition. Their percentages of market share are similar among each other, with relatively low numbers.

If we look at the bigger, more global perspective, this trend that is being adopted by Indonesia is slightly different. According to GSMArena, legendary browser Internet Explorer, not Firefox, is the actual market leader among the global competitors.

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This report is not affecting consumers directly in their daily life. In my opinion as a common browser user, it’s all about habit; we choose the one that we use regularly. The technical issue of the browser is not really our primary concern when it comes to choose which browser we are going to use.

However, this report still holds significance for the browsers as the report can be an indication of their performances in a particular country or region. It is possible that the report can act as an incentive for those browsers to keep innovating for the benefits of the users.

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