While Facebook’s latest launch of its 15-second video support on Instagram is the talk of the town today, another potential highlight of video use on Facebook is also worth exploring, and it involves live streaming. Sure, users can already live-stream through platforms like YouTube and Ustream, but there is added value in being able to stream to your social network friends and get instant feedback.

Entertainment Gateway Group (EGG), a content-development company in the Philippines, has recently launched StreaMe, a video-streaming application developed for iOS and Android, which can be used to record, upload, watch and share videos on one’s Facebook wall in real-time. The app will also automatically save streamed videos to a user’s Facebook video gallery, thereby preserving the “live” moment for future use and reference.

A few key features:

  • StreaMe has a “draw” feature that lets users add colorful drawings and symbols over the live-streamed video. This can be useful in creating diagrams or explaining concepts through the live-streamed video (and it can also be fun).
  • The application lets the creator receive Facebook comments live, while the video is being streamed, which improves engagement.
  • StreaMe has a location-aware feature. When this is enabled, users can watch other live-streamed StreaMe videos within the vicinity.

StreaMe is a free to download for iOS and Android.

StreaMe screenshot

StreaMe screenshot 2