Sunway PopBox, a joint venture between Sunway Group and Singapore-based PopBox Asia, has announced a partnership with Lazada e-Logistics Malaysia to provide smart parcel locker services to online shoppers in Malaysia.

PopBox provides smart parcel lockers, the self-service kiosks which act as delivery destinations for parcels instead of home or office addresses.

Lazada shoppers can now select their preferred PopBox locker address at the checkout page of the Lazada website or app. Once the parcel arrives at the PopBox locker, shoppers will receive an SMS notification with a unique PIN code. They can then proceed to the locker and enter the unique and secure PIN code to collect their parcel at their convenience.

The free-to-use service will be first made available at selected locations in Sunway City. By the end of this month, the service will be available in all 80 lockers located around Klang Valley.

Each locker has 43 compartments. Compared to traditional locker services, PopBox smart lockers are placed in unmanned areas, and offer 24-hour access to users.

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To keep parcels secure, PopBox lockers are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and resist break-ins, and is equipped with CCTV surveillance cameras, providing each parcel safe storage until pick-up, the company said in a press statement.

PopBox lockers in malls are available to the public, whereas those in private residential, offices and universities are limited to occupants and students only.

“We understand that lifestyles are changing with more Malaysians seeking a more seamless e-commerce experience. With Sunway PopBox, we’re able to give shoppers yet another delivery option rooted in flexibility and control,” said Olivier Petra, CEO, Lazada e-Logistics Malaysia.

“Our customers will no longer have to worry about being present for deliveries as these lockers are available around the clock. In addition, this avoids having to reschedule deliveries and the need to queue up at the post office should there be a mismatch in delivery timing,” he added.

Sunway Group Executive Vice President, Evan Cheah, said that the company is looking to expand the services into major cities such as Johor and Penang in the next two years.