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Today’s children are facing a more unique challenge compared to their parents and educators’ generation. As life gets more digitised, digital skills become more crucial to acquire through education process.

But how to best prepare our children for their future? What role can tech play in this endeavour? As tech becomes a more integral part of children’s daily lives today, should there be a limitation to their involvement?

On the first day of Echelon Asia Summit 2019, we are going to see a panel discussion featuring these astonishing speakers on the role of tech in children’s education.


Angela Noronha, Entrepreneur Selection & Growth, Endeavor Philippines

At Endeavor, Noronha is supporting high impact entrepreneurs around Asia Pacific with access to Endeavor’s global network of capital, talent, and mentors.

She spent the last four years at an edutech startup, leading partnerships, and building the customer success department from the ground up.

Noronha also spent a few months interviewing VCs and founders for e27 in Thailand, enabling her to acquire basic knowledge and fluency in the tech startup space.

Prior to that, she had worked in strategy, analytics, and programme management with social enterprises, startups, and FMCG.

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John Tan, CEO, Saturday Kids

In addition to being the CEO of Saturday Kids, Tan is a founding partner of Found8 and a partner at two micro venture capital funds. He has been investing in technology startups since 2011. Some of the more recognisable names in his portfolio include Redmart, Chope, and Ninja Van.

He spends most of his time on Saturday Kids, a curiosity school for children and young adults with the mission to make kids curious, self-directed learners.

Tan is passionate about entrepreneurship and equipping young people with the skills to thrive in a tech driven world. A father of five, his hobbies and interests include yoga, film, and music.

Janine Teo, CEO, Solve Education!
Solve Education! is an education technology not-for-profit with the mission of delivering quality education to everyone, focussing on the BOP (Bottom of Pyramid) demographic. The platform does this through its educational game app:

As CEO, Teo is particularly passionate about leveraging technology to solve social problems in a systemic, scalable and sustainable way.

She was also the first Asian to receive the International Intellectual Benefits to Society Award 2018 by Mensa International. In addition to that, she was also a fellow of University of Pennsylvania – Global Social Impact House, 2019.

Other recognitions that Teo has received included “51 Most Impactful Social Innovators” 2019 by World CSR Day, Women Super Achievers Award 2019 by World HRD Congress, and Education Leader award 2017 by the World Education Congress.

She was also a serial entrepreneur and had experiences in the corporate world.

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Lim Ee Ling, CEO, Smarter Me

Smarter Me is an online-to-offline education platform which equips children with the skillset, mindset, and heartset to define their own success and happiness in the future. Based on a unique framework that imparts digital literacy skills and 21st century skills through coding, robotics, entrepreneurship, and design thinking education, Smarter Me aims to empower kids and teens not only with the tools of today and the future, but with a deeper sense of self-understanding that will help them overcome any changes in the future.

Prior to starting up Smarter Me, Ee Ling spent almost a decade as an Investment Banker at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and CIMB, executing billion-dollar transactions in M&A, equity and debt capital markets. She also specialised in Consumer, Retail, and Technology.

Ee Ling has been featured in and spoken on The Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Money FM, 938 Now, AsianMoneyGuide, etcetera. She was also invited to share her story and conduct coding workshops at DBS and Standard Chartered.

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Image Credit: Jerry Wang on Unsplash