Today's top tech news, May 23: Haulio raises S$1M seed funding

Also, Google's Demo Day,SoftBank's Flipkart stake, and Paytm's acquisition 

Carousell confirms US$85M Series C and plans to double-down on artificial intelligence

Carousell will use money will be used to further enhance its AI capabilities as well as grow its listing categories 

Interview with Cradle Fund Group CEO (Part 2): 'Fear of risk-taking is slowly being diluted by the new generation in Malaysia'

'I don't think Malaysia will produce many unicorns; even if we produce one in every five to 10 years, there will be a great blessing already' 

It's gold baby! Malaysia investment startup raises Series A from 500 Startups

HelloGold has launched a crypto token pegged to gold and is planning on moving its services onto the blockchain 

The 4 fundamental business models of incubators

When choosing an incubation programme or an innovation partner, entrepreneurs and  organisations need to be aware of their underlying business models 

3 ways the Startup Stack is powering up entrepreneurship in Singapore

By removing the barriers to starting and scaling a business, entrepreneurship around the world is being democratised 

Dating app East Meet East raises US$4M to expand into Asia, starting with Philippines

The US-based startup recently launched West East Dating, an inclusive dating site for Asians and Westerners alike in Southeast Asia 

Vietnam's Tech Renaissance defined their tech industry. What's next?

Join the star-studded panel and watch them tackle the hottest topic in tech at Echelon TOP100 Roadshow in Vietnam. 

Meet the Echelon TOP100 2018's Vietnam Qualifiers Judging Panel

Echelon TOP100 2018's Vietnam Qualifiers features a power-packed line-up of 4 prominent figures from Venture Capital (VC) background. 

'It's complicated': Experts weigh in on the possibility of Uber striking a deal with India's Ola

Instead of bleeding more money in markets, where achieving profitability is an impossible task, getting an exit and focussing on the core markets is a more intelligent move