Saigoneer, an English-language online content platform in Vietnam, raises funding from 500 Startups, VIISA

Saigoneer is an online platform to showcase the nation’s cultural charm and social dynamism, and it offers info under the categories of news, society, art & culture, etc. 

Thai property tech startup Hipflat raises funding from Japan's Aucfan, will introduce new products

Hipflat will be Aucfan's first investment in Thailand and in the real estate marketplace sector 

Bfab pivots with a launch of SaaS product for salons; forays into Singapore

The company is also expanding into Singapore, citing openness to technology and increased demand 

Corporates give startups needed boost in emerging markets

They create an appetite for entrepreneurship by showing more traditional cultures that being a startup founder is a viable career track 

Accelerators invest US$17.5M in Asia in 2016, cash investment a popular option: Gust

Gust also named India as the only Asian country in the top 10 list of countries with biggest investment value and number of startups accelerated 

Hiip uses data analytics to connect advertisers with influencers, raises seed round

The Vietnamese company wants to help brands find those 'diamonds in the rough' influencers 

Japanese space tech startup Infostellar raises US$7.3M in Series A led by Airbus Ventures

Infostellar implements the sharing economy concept to satellite by acting as an online marketplace for satellite downtime 

VentureCon joins SWITCH in founding a new world

Enabling investors of SEA, VentureCon happens in association with the Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology (SWITCH) on September 20. 

The clash between two Burmese fonts is stalling growth for Myanmar’s ecosystem; one startup wants to fix that

In the early days of Burmese internet, a unique font was invented, but it has resulted in painpoints Bindez wants to fix. 

Having formal training in tech is not a prerequisite for e-commerce success in Malaysia, study finds

Must I be qualified in tech if I were to initiate an e-commerce company?