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Facebook Lite launching in four more countries, including South Korea, Israel

Facebook Lite, the social media platform’s barebones version for low speed internet, is one of its fastest growing offerings 

Don't fall victim to the 7 traps of Facebook marketing

Facebook is no longer just "post and forget" -- you need to target, analyse and engage 

Business etiquette for entrepreneurs: How to effectively communicate with a business contact in today's connected world

The options and platforms for communication are now endless -- and that's what makes things difficult and complicated 

Zuckerberg needs to re-energise apathetic user base

Toxic conversations in a testy global political environment do not arouse emotions -- it just leads to boredom 

Ad-blocking is killing the web as we know it; Here's why we need passionate and extraordinary solutions

Publishers, advertisers and users need to think broadly beyond just a temporary solution, while still maintaining the delicate balance of 'implicit value exchange' 

Falling short: The 9 biggest tech blunders of 2016

The losers of 2016 are going need to write a long New Year's resolution list 

9 applications that will greatly benefit from machine learning in 2017

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will continue to touch our lives, one way or another 

What Silicon Valley can learn from China: Interview with Jason Costa

Costa recently visited China looking for ways he can apply his product development and management experience to GGV Capital’s portfolio on both sides of the Pacific 

SAIF bets on Pulse, an app that works like Facebook did in 2004

Pulse is a social networking app that enables users to stay connected with college/school communities around them in a fun and visual way