Alipay overseas transaction grew by eight times over National Holiday Golden Week

For now, the growth is driven by Chinese tourists abroad, but that could change in the near future 

e27 discussions, do you care about your personal data?

There is a lot of media articles and public debate about our personal data. But do you really, actually, care? 

Regulating online hate speech is a big, muddy, complicated mess

The role of tech giants to promote hate speech is now in the spotlight. So, what should we do about it? 

Captain's Log, Sept 25: ONE Championship CEO speaks out about death of Pradip Subramanian

Also today, Lazada expands Taobao services and Bukalapak launches e-procurement service 

Ask yourself, are you building a cathedral with your startup ideas?

The whole concept that a business idea has to be absolutely unique and world changing is quite irrelevant 

What are the top e-commerce platforms in Malaysia? We mapped them out and learned some trends

Forecasts say 30 per cent of the region's e-commerce transactions will come from Malaysia 

Has WeChat inspired a super app revolution?

WeChat has a smorgasbord of add-ons including third-party mini apps 

Captain's Log, Aug 4: Facebook to set up biz entity in Indonesia, gets ultimatum in Thailand

Today's edition of Captain's Log also includes funding stories from Aavishkaar, Oway Group, and Tusimple 

You need to reinvent your business through the lens of machines, platforms, and crowds

AI and machines are getting smarter, we are all connected, platforms are taking over, open innovation and co-creation are the names of the game; There is wisdom in the crowds, and it will happen in your industry, too 

I have a question for startup founders - Are you a brand?

Startup founders and CEOs need branding that can extend to their company or product