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Google Cloud Platform launches regional center in Singapore, its first in Southeast Asia

Google Cloud Platform customers in Southeast Asia should see a dramatic improvement in latency speed 

[Discussion] It is raining Alibaba and Tencent news in SEA, but is it nourishment or acid rain?

We embrace the Googles of the world, so why are people concerned when Tencent comes knocking? 

Innovative cognitive services are the new oil, and we have only begun realising the impact on our lives

The cognitive era has begun, and humans need to understand how to interact with this new form of intelligence 

MaGIC launches new global accelerator programme, looking to bring in 80 global entrepreneurs

An "evolution" of its MAP programme, MaGIC's new programme will be the largest it has ever hosted 

Smart cities and startups: Inside AWS' expansion plan within Southeast Asia

Having had opened new offices in three different countries, the company also speak up on possible competition with Alibaba Cloud 

AWS to use a container truck to transport customers' exabyte-scale data -- literally

Just one of the new services launched during AWS CEO Andy Jassy's keynote speech on the second day of AWS re:Invent 2016 

NASA is developing an Alexa-enabled robot for its Mars mission 2020

The announcement was made during Tuesday Night Live with James Hamilton session at the ongoing AWS re:Invent 2016 conference in Las Vegas 

Singapore cloud development startup is closing

The company is giving developers two weeks to move their projects offline and back up the data 

Clear skies ahead as Alibaba makes a push towards cloud computing

In their letter to shareholders, Jack Ma and Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang both emphasised the importance of cloud computing to the e-commerce giant's future 

If the cloud fails, is your startup covered?

The cloud is becoming a necessary part of any business, so here are some tips to make sure you are doing it right