Today's top tech news, January 9: fashion company 'Steve Jobs Inc.' wins lawsuit

Also, Silway Ventures enters Vietnam and Grindr CEO leaves company 

Today's top tech news: January 8

Apple's shareholders want the company to tackle issue of children getting addicted to smartphones, and more 

Apple apologises for crippling old iPhones; reduces cost of replacing batteries

The price of a new battery replacement will undergo a US$50 reduction 

Apple faces lawsuits and lukewarm sales forecasts as year comes to a close

Apple has overestimated the appeal of its new flagship phone, iPhone X 

3 branding mistakes that will doom your startup

We all know people have a short attention span, so make sure your brand doesn't ignore that fact 

Who is leading the race to mainstream autonomous vehicles?

At first glance it may appear that smaller startups have little to no chance at competing, but, that is an illusion 

6 things investors look for in a hardware startup

Looking to raise funds for your consumer hardware startup? Here's what you should know