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SoftBank Vision Fund announces first major close, confirms reported investment from Apple

The SoftBank Vision Fund is targeting a total of US$100 billion of committed capital; it has secured over US$93 billion 

What are the latest trends in mobile payments?

Things are moving so swiftly that it’s often challenging to keep up, but here are a few of the latest trends in mobile payments 

[Discussion] What is more important for startup success? The product? Or the founder?

Did the iPhone take off because it was a gorgeous product? Or was it because of the vision of Steve Jobs? 

Apple opens App Accelerator in Bangalore; to start assembling iPhones in India in a month

The accelerator features Apple technology evangelists who will provide specialised briefings for over 500 developers every week 

Creating value: Why a startup needs to sell more than just a product or service

What sets your brand apart? Don't just be a commodity, but be a leader 

One year on, Apple Pay finding little traction in the Middle Kingdom

It seems that Apple Pay has failed to become a real threat to the dominance of Alibaba’s Alipay and Tencent-backed Tenpay 

The Jay Kim Show: How Nextshark Media's Benny Luo grew from online poker to media CEO

Benny Luo explains how online poker gave him a peak into the high-life, and taught him some important life lessons 

WeChat raises walled garden with launch of mini-programs

WeChat's tool could mark the beginning of the end for third-party app stores in China 

Falling short: The 9 biggest tech blunders of 2016

The losers of 2016 are going need to write a long New Year's resolution list