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Bangalore-based MagicStick in talks with Sequoia, Kae Capital to raise US$5 million

By Ishita Russell | Jan 08, 2016

MagicStick recently launched its PC stick -- a fully operational desktop PC that can be plugged into any television or desktop socket Read More

Smartphone consumption in Indonesia attracts Taiwan-based developers

By DailySocial | Sep 07, 2015

Arima, Asus and HTC collaborate for a new Indonesian production site Read More

Asus ZenFone 2 review: The best of both worlds?

By Rahil Bhagat | May 20, 2015

A mid-range smartphone that balances performance and value in an attractive package, but is held back by a few middling components Read More

Google not worried about cheap tablets from Acer, Asus eating into Nexus 7 sales

By J. Angelo Racoma | Jan 21, 2013

Google is okay with Taiwanese branded tablet-makers undercutting the Nexus 7 tablet in price, if only to improve Android's market share. Read More

The Leap could change the way we use our mobile devices

By J. Angelo Racoma | Jan 05, 2013

San Francisco-based startup Leap Motion has partnered with Asus to embed its motion-sensing technology into notebooks and desktop computers. How soon until this becomes a reality in mobile devices? Read More

Nexus 7 lands in Singapore, available from S$399

By Jacky Yap | Sep 28, 2012

The long-awaited Google Nexus 7 Android tablet has finally arrived on the shores of Singapore. Read More

Microsoft and Intel plot to push iPad's market share to below 50%

By Kumes Balakrishnan | Apr 24, 2012

According to Digitimes, Taiwan based ODM's claim that Intel and Microsoft have  been cooperating closely with first-tier vendors developing new tablets powered by Windows 8, with the goal of decreasing iPad's global market share from 70% currently to below 50% by the middle of 2013. Read More


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