With all this talk about blockchains and crypto, how does the solopreneur and gig economy benefit?

Solo entrepreneurship has shaped the gig economy so far, but will decentralised tech help freelancers create and earn better? 

A Singaporean coding school is turning engineers into teachers, raises funds from Tri5 Ventures

The coding school wants to make sure students are being taught 'hire-me' ready skills that are up-to-date in the industry 

Carousell raises a US$70-80M Series C funding round: Report

In 2016, Carousell raised a US$35 million Series B funding round, one of the biggest funding rounds of the year 

Planning to IPO in 2019, Qoo10 has quietly grown into Singapore's top e-commerce destination

Qoo10 is trying to build an ecosystem, and in doing so become the big ship in the rising e-commerce tide 

Captain's Log, October 24: Facebook wreaks havoc on traffic and Carousell launches AI product

Also, China's Airbnb head steps down and Indian edutech app raises almost US$7 million 

3 insights from doing 200 deals in Southeast Asia

The regional dynamics and differences are becoming increasingly important for investors as VC activity in Asia surges 

NUS produces more successful startup founders in Singapore than Harvard and Stanford, study finds

For the Singaporean youth, deciding where they want to continue their higher education is a challenge 

Amazon Prime Now sets Singapore 24-hour download mark for 2017

Singapore is the only country globally to see Amazon Prime Now jump into the top-10 most downloaded, and it owns the top spot 

Amazon entry in Southeast Asia is an immense opportunity for startups that can adapt

While the 'bang, bang' sound may seem like a coffin shutting, it is actually hundreds of startups knocking on the door of opportunity 

Here are the 10 best tech companies to work for in Singapore

The companies were selected at the Tech3 Forum, which was organised by Singapore Computer Society, and supported by IMDA, WSG and e2i