Speed is our main advantage: Stock market app TradeHero CTO

Dominic Morris, CTO, TradeHero, tells e27 about how a startup needs to capitalise on its sole advantage -- speed 

This startup wants the government to allow 24/7 peer-to-peer car rentals

Singapore's Private Car Rental Scheme does not allow car owners to lease out cars on weekdays. Can iCarsclub convince the government to repeal this old law? 

An interview with WayGo, Echelon 2013's Most Promising Startup

Jimmy Haver from WayGo, a smartphone-based visual translator, shares about winning Most Promising Startup at Echelon 2013. 

Lifebit makes journaling life's best moments simple, fun and sticky

Lifebit adds a gamified layer to journaling, which makes tracking your real-life activities and accomplishments more exciting. 

Decision Fuel takes a bite out of the US$36B consumer research market

Decision Fuel aims to offer a disruptive and scalable mobile platform for market research, with real time results. 

Room remains for new startups to emerge as global players

There has been a lot of buzz from the startup sector. While they're not all disruptive, they're often found improving existing concepts. 

Updated: SAP Ventures' investment philosophy focuses on enterprise disruptions

SAP Ventures seeks to disrupt the enterprise market with startups that leverage big data as a driver of business value. 

Scott Bales: The time is now, but are you ready?

At day 2 of Echelon 2013, Scott Bales offers insights into changing patterns of consumption and how entrepreneurs can innovate and introduce disruptions. 

How Zynga killed OMGPOP and why gaming really matters in Asia

What can we draw from Zynga's killing off of OMGPOP? Plus, why does gaming matter in Asia? 

BlackBerry's Sarim Aziz shares on giving developers first hand support

BlackBerry's head of developer relations Asia Pacific, Sarim Aziz shares his thoughts on developers dealing with app marketing, payments and technical support.