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9 applications that will greatly benefit from machine learning in 2017

By Babar Khan Javed | Dec 20, 2016

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will continue to touch our lives, one way or another Read More

What Silicon Valley can learn from China: Interview with Jason Costa

By TechNode | Dec 13, 2016

Costa recently visited China looking for ways he can apply his product development and management experience to GGV Capital’s portfolio on both sides of the Pacific Read More

SAIF bets on Pulse, an app that works like Facebook did in 2004

By Sainul Abudheen | Nov 30, 2016

Pulse is a social networking app that enables users to stay connected with college/school communities around them in a fun and visual way Read More

Facebook is slowly accepting its new role as the most powerful media company in the world

By Kai Kiat Ong | Nov 23, 2016

Here's why Facebook should take a more active role in better curation of 'news' Read More

Aspiring entrepreneurs: Kickstart your 2017 with NUS' Global Entrepreneurs' Conference

By e27.co/yu-hao | Nov 22, 2016

To kick off 2017, NUS Entrepreneurship Society will be organising the Global Entrepreneurs’ Conference from 3 January to 7 January 2017 Read More

Singapore govt is developing a Facebook chat bot to connect the public with its ministries

By Yon Heong Tung | Nov 17, 2016

The developer for this programme is San Francisco- and Singapore-based AI company KeyReply Read More

Beyond calls and texts: WhatsApp launches cross-platform video calling

By J. Angelo Racoma | Nov 15, 2016

While late in the game, competing with the likes of Skype, FaceTime and Facebook's own Messenger, WhatsApp plans to make video calling more accessible to its billion users Read More

Wake up call: The nefarious future of Facebook

By Kevin McSpadden | Nov 10, 2016

Trump showed us how to win an election using the algorithm, opening our eyes to its value for those in power Read More

Singapore government to adopt Facebook Workplace across the board

By Yon Heong Tung | Nov 10, 2016

About 143,000 public servants will be using Facebook Workplace by March 2017 Read More

1 billion views and now a new home: Vietnam's BIG CAT acquired by Asia Innovations Group

By Kevin McSpadden | Oct 27, 2016

BIG CAT's most popular video has nearly 50 million views, and it consistently tops the 5 million mark Read More

Facebook's Engineering Director invests in real-time bot prevention startup ShieldSquare

By Sainul Abudheen | Oct 18, 2016

ShieldSquare is a cloud-based solution that helps online businesses differentiate between human and non-human traffic (bots) on their websites and mobile apps Read More

Tools, tricks and inspiration for building a badass social media presence

By e27.co/bhavik.sarkhedi | Oct 12, 2016

There are ways to avoid spending all day on social media while still making your online presence felt Read More

Singapore's Apps Authority wants to help David beat Goliath with omni-channel marketing tools

By e27.co/wong-zioedy | Oct 10, 2016

New technology can help up and coming e-commerce companies gain a competitive edge Read More

3 main reasons why your social media ads failed (and how to fix them)

By e27.co/ted.chong | Oct 05, 2016

A big myth of social media advertising is that it is useful only for awareness. That was true a few years ago when Facebook was just a new advertising platform with primitive features Read More

More than a dashcam: Meet China’s Goluk

By AllChinaTech | Oct 03, 2016

The camera can be used to catch 'uncivilised moments', live stream an incident and can be taken out for recreation purposes Read More

Google or Salesforce may soon acquire Twitter

By geektime | Sep 24, 2016

Potential buyers would be interested in its data and its status as an important media company Read More

Targeting early-stage startups, Linear Venture closes US$70M fund

By Kevin McSpadden | Sep 19, 2016

Targeting data-driven companies, the dual-currency fund brings Linear's assets under management to US$100 million Read More

Blockchain for dummies: A 101 guide to the next hot fintech trend

By e27.co/arnav-kumar | Sep 13, 2016

Blockchain is a buzzword, but it's often difficult to understand, this guide will help clarify the subject Read More

Singaporean startup Glints has raised US$2M Series A to help you find a job

By Kevin McSpadden | Sep 06, 2016

While most job portals only match employee with employer, Glints offers avenues for people to develop the right skills Read More

Why people should not have doubts over SpaceX after today’s Falcon 9 explosion

By geektime | Sep 02, 2016

SpaceX Falcon 9 explodes during fueling, leaving Israeli Spacecom’s future in doubt, internet to sub-Saharan Africa delayed, and questions about Falcon 9’s reliability Read More

New connections: LinkedIn now has over 100 million users in Asia

By Kevin McSpadden | Aug 10, 2016

The weirdest data point you'll read today: 1,000 people in Singapore are connected to professionals in Antarctica Read More

Machine learning technology set to unlock US$17B fintech opportunity: white paper

By Kevin McSpadden | Aug 04, 2016

The fintech industry opportunity in Asia is set to directly compete with North America and blow Europe out of the water Read More

Bringing access to affordable internet: Facebook's solar-powered Aquila takes flight

By Dayana Sobri | Jul 22, 2016

The high-altitude, long-endurance solar airplane aims to give access to affordable internet to everyone, including those living in hard-to-reach locations Read More

Google Loon is in Sri Lanka: What does this mean for the country?

By Roar.lk | Jul 06, 2016

Google Loon might just be the necessary tool to boost Internet adoption, but challenges of lifespan and education present potential barriers Read More

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