Fragmentation may be Southeast Asia's competitive advantage

Over the long run, China's Duopoly and America's oligopoly may become more of an bug than a feature 

Lazada and Shopee battle for pole position in Malaysia’s e-commerce landscape

Malaysia’s top 50 e-commerce companies have provided more than 1,600 jobs in the country 

Stocky enables you to sell unsold inventory through its hyperlocal retailer-to-retailer marketplace

Stocky is a platform for micro-retailers to connect with other like-minded retailers and wholesalers from their category to trade new merchandise and sell off their slow-moving stock 

Dear tech companies, you’re more than just a platform

It's time for tech companies to stop hiding behind the "we're just a platform” jargon 

Can transparency and accountability ensure a more sustainable social media ecosystem?

With the recent uproar about Facebook's data sharing schemes, will a more democratised and transparent social media bring about the change we need? 

Today's top tech news, April 3: Two Singaporean Airbnb hosts fined US$45.8K each for subletting homes illegally

Also, Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook is being used to escalate sectarian crisis in Myanmar, and more 

Today's top tech news, March 28: Go-Jek set to expand into 3 markets in Southeast Asia

India’s millions of active Facebook and other social media users could be at a greater risk of user data breach, as per report 

A brief look into the psychology of rating systems

Stars, claps, thumbs ups, likes? What makes rating systems click? 

5 social media trends we'll be talking about in 2018

2017 was a pivotal year for social media, marked by the desire of the most popular to reinvent themselves and take even more space in our lives 

Today's top tech news, March 22: Tech giants express concern over Singapore plan to fight fake news

"We do not believe that legislation is the best approach to addressing the issue," said Alvin Tan, Facebook’s head of public policy for Southeast Asia