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4 tips on business-building from top SE Asia-based Founders and CEOs

By Yon Heong Tung | Feb 03, 2016

Founders from Luxola, Wego, Tokopedia, and Facebook's Managing Director of Southeast Asia discuss best strategies for penetrating into Asia Read More

Top five social media predictions for 2016

By Guest Contributor | Feb 01, 2016

Live-streaming, Instagram, content marketing, visual marketing, and image-based monitoring will see lot of action in 2016, says the author Read More

Move over Wonderwoman, TechLadies is creating the next wave of female supercoders

By Kevin McSpadden | Jan 29, 2016

TechLadies is a free initiative with the goal being an intensive programme that will result in a real skill base Read More

Is social media a devil on your shoulder or an angel by your side?

By Richard Jackson | Jan 27, 2016

Social media and startups know each other well, but it was not always this way. And, even now, the relationship is not a totally happy one Read More

Should Facebook create Safety Checks for every city?

By Elaine Huang | Jan 25, 2016

Jakarta was attacked by terrorists two weeks ago, but the Facebook Safety Check feature offered to Parisians last November never went live for the former Read More

Content Marketing for Dummies with Mariel Argonza

By Kevin McSpadden | Jan 20, 2016

Unless your name is Grumpy Cat, advertising online is difficult; but content is king and Argonza explains how to do content marketing right Read More

From Archives: 12 tips to investing like VC Yuri Milner

By Vladislav Solodkiy | Jan 16, 2016

Life.SREDA's Vladislav Solodkiy gives us the lowdown on how the far-thinking Founder of DST Global does what he does best -- invest in groundbreaking startups Read More

Never mind, Facebook. We don’t need that button

By Anisa Menur | Jan 15, 2016

Yesterday, Jakarta was rocked by multiple explosions and shootings. Facebook's Safety Check feature was missing Read More

Find out which mobile trends will take off in 2016

By Guest Contributor | Jan 15, 2016

Mobile video, ad blocking, rise of mobile web, brand-performance strategy and better content are the five trends to watch for in 2016, says Opera MediaWorks' MD Vikas Gulati Read More

Jakarta locals create hashtag after Facebook misses Safety Check

By Kevin McSpadden | Jan 14, 2016

However, there was some pushback, with some locals saying a trending topic could damage the country’s reputation Read More

2 simple ways to further personalise your marketing outreach

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Jan 13, 2016

Here's how you can use email service providers and Facebook's Ad Manager to target different audiences Read More

The rise of mobile web: It's not about just apps anymore!

By Guest Contributor | Jan 08, 2016

According to the author, the mobile ecosystem itself is trying to simplify UX with concepts like deep links, deep views to give users the same experience that existed earlier on the web Read More

7 of the coolest company culture hacks from Facebook, LinkedIn

By Donna Louisse | Jan 07, 2016

Kickstart the year right! Learn to revamp and level up your company culture with advice from the best of the best Read More

Facebook sees 97,660 status updates every 20 secs and more crazy stats

By Georgi Georgiev | Jan 05, 2016

Even a smaller site like Pinterest sees 10 new users, 4,820 new pins and generates 4,620 MB of data in the same 20 seconds, according to the Social Media in Real Time Counter Read More

In photos: Next Billion engaging the world's hard to reach communities

By Kevin McSpadden | Jan 04, 2016

With a new service and infrastructure, Next Billion helps companies advertise in the developing world and bring social good to the people Read More

How to create an iconic brand in the digital era

By The Entourage | Jan 01, 2016

Being iconic means being true to yourself, your vision and your values, then communicating that to your audience in your brand story myths Read More

Facebook is trying to con Indians with Free Basics

By Guest Contributor | Dec 29, 2015

Entrepreneur and VC investor Mahesh Murthy lays it down as it is -- Free Basics is basically 'digital apartheid' for India's poor and we must all beware of it Read More

Here’s what you can learn from Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Dec 29, 2015

Sustainability as a CEO is three-fold: employees share the vision, customer service is at its best, and the product evolves over time into something exceptional Read More

How tech and new media revolutionised Myanmar's election process

By Guest Contributor | Dec 28, 2015

Aung San Suu Kyi called the election process a “communication revolution”, and some of her Facebook posts reached more than 50,000 likes during Election Day Read More

How a universal basic income could fuel entrepreneurship

By geektime | Dec 22, 2015

Countries like Australia must invest in people if they want to stay innovative. A universal basic income is the solution – this is why Read More

Language translation sends Carousell into a tizzy, so FB lends a hand

By Colin Tung | Dec 15, 2015

Through FbStart, the social media's programme to help mobile startups grow and build their apps, Carousell found its solution in Transifex Read More

Now these 'F' words are welcome at any workplace

By Guest Contributor | Dec 15, 2015

Facebook, friendly banter, finance and fun — these tools are time-tested by big and small companies and there is no doubt they work, says the author Read More

So you wanna be CEO? Here are 7 productivity hacks

By Donna Louisse | Dec 11, 2015

For souls who are both brave and mad enough to head a company, we have collected tips on the best personal habits to practise from fellow entrepreneurs Read More


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