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Facebook opens office in Malaysia, where 94% of people discover products and brands on the social site

By Sainul Abudheen K | May 05, 2016

In the country, more than 18 million people use Facebook and 6.5 million use Instagram Read More

7 life skills we can learn from Mark Zuckerberg

By Young Entrepreneur Council | May 03, 2016

Life skills are surprisingly crucial to your success at work, too. Here’s why Mark Zuckerberg has mastered both Read More

Singapore fourth in Asia for government data requests: Facebook release

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 29, 2016

India made the most requests in Asia, Pakistan second and Taiwan third. Indonesia only made two requests Read More

The fate of Internet giants operating in Indonesia may finally have been decided

By Anisa Menur | Apr 29, 2016

The Minister of Communications and Informatics announced draft regulation, public hearing to be open until May 12 Read More

Shhhh! Here are some secrets to help your social media campaign stand out

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 28, 2016

What key metrics to successful campaigns keep an eye on? What is a typical budget? This infographic answers these questions Read More

Why brick-and-mortar businesses have an advantage in the digital economy

By e27.co/sten.ivan | Apr 20, 2016

Traditional businesses actually have a distinct advantage and can mix brick-and-mortar experience with digital enterprise Read More

Indonesia plans to produce 1,000 technopreneurs by 2020 - here's how

By Anisa Menur | Apr 16, 2016

The government will partner with Kejora to host a series of events to help nurture the new generation of technopreneurs Read More

This seems to be a great week to run a small business in Indonesia

By Anisa Menur | Apr 14, 2016

The government and the private sectors are gearing up SMEs for the digital era -- with big names such as Facebook, Bukalapak and Indosat Ooredoo involved Read More

After Lazada deal, ships will sail in Alibaba's rising tide

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 13, 2016

The move could provide serious infrastructure and culture help in an industry still trying to bring e-commerce to the masses across Asia Read More

I don't want, can not, and have not changed the world by myself: Facebook Co-founder Eduardo Saverin

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 12, 2016

In a conversation that began with humility and ended with modesty, Eduardo Saverin offered entrepreneurial advice and shed light on Facebook's early days Read More

What's the latest update with the tax drama for Indonesia's Internet giants?

By Anisa Menur | Apr 08, 2016

The country's Minister of Finance reveals the legal status of companies such as Facebook and Twitter. Signs of impending trouble? Read More

Troubles in Oculus Rift initial public launch

By Kai Kiat Ong | Apr 08, 2016

Oculus ran into three problems almost immediately after the launch: poor product fulfilment, overpricing and VR sickness Read More

Why has live streaming flopped so far?

By geektime | Apr 08, 2016

The launch of Facebook Live has put the spotlight on live streaming, but so far the industry has been anything but successful Read More

Having trouble finding motivation? These 10 tech kingpins will reinvigorate that startup passion

By Donna Louisse | Apr 04, 2016

Be inspired and get focussed on your goals with insightful and motivational talks by tech giants like Elon Musk, Jack Ma and Paul Graham Read More

China and neighbors set to dominate global digital payments: report

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 04, 2016

With North America and Western Europe also catching big chunks of the market, Southeast Asia and India are lagging behind Read More

How do Chinese VPN providers hide? They use literature to disguise their names

By TechNode | Mar 31, 2016

It was no accident that the VPN company named itself 'Red Apricot' or 'A Winding Path' Read More

Why go public? Mobvista CEO Robin Duan says it is about brand perception

By e27.co/garrett-gan | Mar 29, 2016

Duan also said the company will begin the fundraising process in order to spur business growth and traffic monetisation Read More

Report paints a picture of what an obsessive Facebook user looks like, and it's no surprise

By Anisa Menur | Mar 28, 2016

A Global Web Index report reveals who is using what, and what they use it for Read More

Facebook's safety check for Lahore attack should be commended

By Kevin McSpadden | Mar 28, 2016

Facebook has a safety check dilemma, and even this deployment was not perfect, but the company is doing good to bring the feature to the entire world, not just the West Read More

Twitter is 10: What Asia has been tweeting in the past decade

By Kevin McSpadden | Mar 21, 2016

More and more Twitter is feeling like an echo chamber, but looking back on its decade of existence, it definitely changed the world Read More

Finding Pakistan: A brief history of the country's online directory scene

By Babar Khan Javed | Mar 18, 2016

While the scene in Pakistan is difficult to navigate, there are examples how companies can succeed despite Facebook's free offerings Read More

There is social media and then there is Facebook; company releases data of dominance

By Kevin McSpadden | Mar 16, 2016

Additionally, Facebook's photo-sharing app Instagram is also finding success, with 22 million users in Indonesia Read More

Appeals and dangers of mobile games and social networking apps

By Kai Kiat Ong | Mar 15, 2016

Do you know what makes popular games a big money tree for their creators and that popular social networking games can be dangerous to your career? Read More

Myanmar is changing, and Burmese Hearts makes sure education is the heart of it

By Kevin McSpadden | Mar 08, 2016

The social enterprise startup is a reminder of what businesses can do to help a country slim a talent gap Read More

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