Who is leading the race to mainstream autonomous vehicles?

At first glance it may appear that smaller startups have little to no chance at competing, but, that is an illusion 

5-minute catch up: Top stories for November 17

A quick look into what is going on in the global tech scene today 

Thailand is planning to give free internet to the poor

The Thailand government will include SIM cards with welfare plans that allows them to access free internet 

Is Facebook Local a worthy competitor to existing location-aware check-in apps?

Should competitors be afraid when a company of that magnitude gets in the ring? 

Grab is going to win the cashless battle

The core messaging behind GrabPay is fealty to the merchants and patience, which is why they will win 

Jobseeker website taken down after legal warning

The company trawled through many job platforms and company hiring pages to centralise the best jobs online 

Captain's Log, October 24: Facebook wreaks havoc on traffic and Carousell launches AI product

Also, China's Airbnb head steps down and Indian edutech app raises almost US$7 million 

Alipay overseas transaction grew by eight times over National Holiday Golden Week

For now, the growth is driven by Chinese tourists abroad, but that could change in the near future 

e27 discussions, do you care about your personal data?

There is a lot of media articles and public debate about our personal data. But do you really, actually, care? 

Regulating online hate speech is a big, muddy, complicated mess

The role of tech giants to promote hate speech is now in the spotlight. So, what should we do about it?