SGX leads US$44.4M Series C in Hong Kong's online freights marketplace Freightos

Together with Freightos, SGX will explore the development of financial instruments to introduce the transparency, agility and risk-mitigation 

Hong Kong's Freightos raises US$25 million, plans to scale marketplace

Freightos is like Expedia or Kayak for the shipping industry 

Updating the backbone of the world economy: Freightos' Zvi Schreiber

The Freightos Founder tells e27 that after several exits through acquisitions with his other startups, he'd really love to take Freightos the IPO route 

Meet StartmeupHK Venture Forum 2014's 3 champions: Freightos, Perseus Telecom, Scoutbots

Organised by InvestHK, StartmeupHK Venture Forum 2014 saw three winners come out of 550 entries from 47 economies