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Wonder women: Meet the 8 startup founders battling at Female Foundry's demo day

By Anisa Menur | Dec 21, 2016

The Female Foundry programme is also looking forward to expand its footprint to the Latin American and African region Read More

9 applications that will greatly benefit from machine learning in 2017

By Babar Khan Javed | Dec 20, 2016

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will continue to touch our lives, one way or another Read More

What did Singaporeans Google in 2016?

By Kevin McSpadden | Dec 14, 2016

Because these lists are always fun, we included all of the categories that Google released. Have a browse! Read More

Google hits the brakes on its self-driving car. But why?

By geektime | Dec 14, 2016

Like Apple, it’s changing direction to work with automakers, not become one Read More

Google, Oculus, Sony launch Global Virtual Reality Association

By geektime | Dec 09, 2016

The new organisation will serve as a clearinghouse for developers, companies, and policymakers. And here’s the rest of the VR giants that joined Read More

All your browser are belong to us: 7 hidden Google gems that can break the workplace monotony

By J. Angelo Racoma | Dec 07, 2016

These Google easter eggs make for a quick getaway from the daily grind Read More

A brief history of algorithms (and why it's so important in automation, machine learning, and everyday life)

By e27.co/bryan-lim-1 | Dec 07, 2016

Algorithms can simply be understood as a set of rules to solve a problem Read More

3 things every website needs for a better SEO ranking

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Dec 02, 2016

Master the art of SEO to push your website to the top of the search results list Read More

China’s new cyber security law raises concerns, but foreign businesses will probably comply

By geektime | Nov 30, 2016

One of the measures would further enhance measures to crackdown on social media anonymity Read More

Revealed, the latest 6 Indonesian startups to join Google Launchpad Accelerator

By Anisa Menur | Nov 23, 2016

Next year, the programme will be held at Google's Launchpad Space in San Francisco Read More

Aspiring entrepreneurs: Kickstart your 2017 with NUS' Global Entrepreneurs' Conference

By e27.co/yu-hao | Nov 22, 2016

To kick off 2017, NUS Entrepreneurship Society will be organising the Global Entrepreneurs’ Conference from 3 January to 7 January 2017 Read More

Can Southeast Asia bring the next unicorn out to the world?

By TechNode | Nov 15, 2016

For many Chinese investors looking at Southeast Asia, there is a pervasive sense of familiarity Read More

AI is right here, right now: Here's how major tech companies bring AI to our daily lives

By e27.co/bryan-lim-1 | Nov 11, 2016

Even without being obvious and visible, AI is a pervasive part of our lives, and tech giants are, to varying degrees, invested in AI as a channel of growth Read More

Winner takes all: Thailand's TakeMeTour wins Telenor Group's regional startup event

By Anisa Menur | Nov 03, 2016

Hosted in Yangon, the Digital Winners Asia saw participation of eight startups from five Asian countries Read More

Paytm continues board revamp, appoints Alibaba exec as Additional Director

By Kevin McSpadden | Oct 27, 2016

Paytm also added Amit Singhal from Google and Mark Schwartz, ex-Goldman Sachs, in the last week Read More

1 billion views and now a new home: Vietnam's BIG CAT acquired by Asia Innovations Group

By Kevin McSpadden | Oct 27, 2016

BIG CAT's most popular video has nearly 50 million views, and it consistently tops the 5 million mark Read More

Forget Twitter, Netflix should be an acquisition target for tech giants

By e27.co/duckju-kang1 | Oct 20, 2016

For companies that deal with hundreds of billions of dollars, going from buying a US$25 billion company to buying a US$50 billion one is totally doable Read More

Top 5 non-Apple phones to replace your Samsung Galaxy Note7

By Joey Alarilla | Oct 13, 2016

Sure, the iPhone 7 is an easy choice, but there are some awesome phones out there to replace the exploding Note7 Read More

Is Google's pursuit of AI good for humanity?

By e27.co/daniel-matthews | Oct 11, 2016

Machine learning and AI underpin the future for Google, but is it the future we want? Read More

The Google Pixel phones were almost made by Huawei

By Yon Heong Tung | Oct 05, 2016

Negotiations between the Chinese telecom giant and Google eventually broke down Read More

Apple put a ring on it: Research facility shows serious commitment to China

By Kevin McSpadden | Oct 01, 2016

A new US$45 million research facility in Beijing will develop deep tech in audio, visual and communications Read More

Google's former M&A man in Asia just launched a new VC fund

By Kevin McSpadden | Sep 29, 2016

And he wants to help startups figure out an exit strategy from Day 1 Read More

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