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Work your body! Indonesia's online fitness marketplace BookmyFit launches

By Dayana Sobri | Jul 25, 2016

The platform's website and app can now be accessed Read More

Bei-kaa-chyu: Pokémon Go officially launches in Hong Kong, 2nd location in Asia

By Kevin McSpadden | Jul 25, 2016

It's become so popular that even some telcos are getting into the fun, offering free unlimited data for Pokémon Go gamers Read More

In a significant local exit, iFashion Group buys Singapore's Dressabelle for US$5.5M

By Kevin McSpadden | Jul 19, 2016

iFashion has been pursuing a strategic M&A business model and hinted at further acquisitions moving forward Read More

How the blockchain infrastructure can make a major impact on the remittance industry

By e27.co/george.harrap | Jun 20, 2016

It opens up business strategies that may have been too expensive in previous years thanks to fees like money transfer charges Read More

Facebook is testing 'new' social commerce payment in Thailand which requires you to transfer money via ATM

By Sainul Abudheen K | Jun 13, 2016

In the age of Internet, a company of Facebook’s stature is trialling a payment method which requires a user to go to ATM for money transfer, in a fast-growing Internet market such as Thailand, is not just funny but also horrible Read More

What is inside the pitch deck that will woo investors to my business?

By e27.co/faiz.ar | Jun 09, 2016

Ask and you shall receive the answer in this article Read More

iflix, Netflix have new OTT competition in Indonesia as Viu enters country

By Kevin McSpadden | May 26, 2016

The service is free for users who don't mind ads but for US$2.21 premium users can watch without commercials Read More

Backseat driving: Key takeaways from the Google/Temasek e-commerce report

By Kevin McSpadden | May 25, 2016

The 'e-conomy report' points to an e-commerce industry set for serious growth, but it also highlights potholes and obstacles in the region Read More

Slew of investors help KL fintech startup Jirnexu raise US$3M Series A

By Kevin McSpadden | May 24, 2016

PropertyGuru Co-founder and CEO Steve Melhuish was a private investor in the deal Read More

The best 'F word' is not Founders or Funding

By e27.co/joel-leong | May 09, 2016

Founders are essential, without them their idea and the startup would not exist. But maybe that is their greatest contribution Read More

A Singaporean acquisition story you have never heard

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 11, 2016

Before Block 71, before heavy government support, this company was paving the way for startups in Singapore; and now it has been acquired Read More

Rakuten sells Tarad.com, moves one more step away from Southeast Asia

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 06, 2016

Tarad.com says it will be adapting its business model and specifically cited a desire to target businesses in Thailand Read More

A table for two please: Online booking startup Chope acquires Indonesian counterpart MakanLuar

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 05, 2016

The deal will bring Chope, Asia's largest restaurant booking startup, into Jakarta, Bali and Bandung Read More

Running a startup means constantly putting out fires: ServisHero CEO Karl Loo

By Kevin McSpadden | Mar 24, 2016

We chat with ServisHero head man about entrepreneurship, the startup scene and why his company is different from Homejoy Read More

Will the next Airbnb or GrubHub come out of Asia?

By e27.co/dinuke.ranasinghe | Mar 23, 2016

Asia has advantages like cheap technology and high mobile penetration rates, but it cannot simply copy/paste models and apply it to this region Read More

Gobi Partners injects US$1M into SEA’s on-demand services startup RecomN

By Sainul Abudheen K | Mar 22, 2016

The startup, which operates RecomN.com in Malaysia and Sejasa.com in Indonesia, enables users to get on-demand services such as home repairs and wedding services Read More

Twitter is 10: What Asia has been tweeting in the past decade

By Kevin McSpadden | Mar 21, 2016

More and more Twitter is feeling like an echo chamber, but looking back on its decade of existence, it definitely changed the world Read More

Two giants team up: Lippo Group signs partnership with Grab for logistics expertise

By Kevin McSpadden | Mar 21, 2016

It appears Grab will play a major role in leading the logistics capabilities of Lippo Group's O2O company MatahariMall Read More

Chinese authorities hint at green-light for ride-sharing apps; with a major stipulation

By Kevin McSpadden | Mar 14, 2016

Both Uber and Didi Kuaidi follow the model of raising a ton of cash, only to burn a significant chunk of it subsidising drivers Read More

You could be next: Find out what IS supporters are tweeting and following

By Guest Contributor | Mar 01, 2016

India-based Ankit Shukla demystifies the spread of the militant virus, called ISIS, on Twitter using a data-backed approach Read More

Go-Jek buys two Indian startups C42 Engineering, CodeIgnition

By Sainul Abudheen K | Feb 19, 2016

The bike-taxi service zeroed in on the two software startups as it was searching for a solution to fix a bug in its app Read More

Layoffs for Rakuten as it closes marketplaces in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia

By Kevin McSpadden | Feb 12, 2016

The company is also pushing a C2C marketplace called Rakuma into Southeast Asia; Rakuten is already an investor in Carousell Read More

Markus Bihler says now is time for HappyFresh to harvest the Philippines

By Kevin McSpadden | Feb 05, 2016

Learn why Bihler insists that foreign founders should hire locals as Country Managers Read More

Should Facebook create Safety Checks for every city?

By Elaine Huang | Jan 25, 2016

Jakarta was attacked by terrorists two weeks ago, but the Facebook Safety Check feature offered to Parisians last November never went live for the former Read More

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