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Have a solid plan that involves and prioritises customers’ opinions; You also need to have perseverance, flexibility, and a solid team that can brave the challenges of running a business 

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Marketing is essentially the art of relationship building. In addition to cost and quality considerations, people prefer to do business with companies that they feel they can relate to 

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If you’re planning to make live streaming part of your social media strategy, adhere to these six Facebook Live tips 

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Cultivating loyalty today is harder than ever because the average online consumer is more knowledgeable and more demanding than ever 

Take advantage of FOMO and use shortage as a strategy if you want to get a crazy amount of users

When something is rare, it becomes more significant, and it creates thriving demand 

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All areas of the digital ecosystem must speak to the prospect or visitor, guiding them towards a call to action 

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Growth is no longer the ownership of marketing team; It is a joint property of product and marketing teams and essentially a mix of marketing, engineering and lot of experimentation, which we call growth hacking