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Eyeota raises US$7M Series A led by Global Brain Corporation

By Anisa Menur | Jan 26, 2016

The adtech startup will use the funding to build international teams, grow the tech development team, and expand into new territories Read More

Starting up? These are the 5 challenges you will face

By Guest Contributor | Jan 25, 2016

Starting up requires an incredible amount of perseverance, grit and the ability to overcome obstacles with smart thinking and pivoting, says the author Read More

Content Marketing for Dummies with Mariel Argonza

By Kevin McSpadden | Jan 20, 2016

Unless your name is Grumpy Cat, advertising online is difficult; but content is king and Argonza explains how to do content marketing right Read More

6 ways marketers will keep a tab on your every move in 2016

By Guest Contributor | Jan 20, 2016

According to the author, marketers will increasingly look to mobile location data to engage consumers across devices, measure multi-channel attribution and combat ad blocking Read More

7 tips for tackling the mad world of startup marketing

By Guest Contributor | Jan 15, 2016

From building a social network and creating a lasting impression to building a strong team and more, the author shares insights how to successfully market your startup Read More

2 simple ways to further personalise your marketing outreach

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Jan 13, 2016

Here's how you can use email service providers and Facebook's Ad Manager to target different audiences Read More

Infographic: Male youth spend more money than females on online shopping

By Colin Tung | Jan 12, 2016

The survey conducted by diploma students also found that Singapore youth are drawn to the privacy of online shopping Read More

Tokopedia, Traveloka spent the most on TV ads among Indonesian startups

By Anisa Menur | Jan 07, 2016

E-commerce startups are still focussing marketing efforts in conventional media such as TV Read More

5 of the greatest digital marketing pitfalls

By Guest Contributor | Jan 07, 2016

The author shares insights on how startups need to approach digital marketing in order to please investors, gain funding and retain customers Read More

3 ways to keep your business on the brink of innovation

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Jan 06, 2016

When it comes to running your business, how you harness your creativity may be the very thing that sets you apart from your competitors Read More

7 ways to supercharge your startup’s email marketing campaign

By Bozena Pieniazek | Jan 04, 2016

Here is how you can influence the customer to decide which emails to open and which ones to ignore, says Growth Hacking Asia's Bozena Pieniazek Read More

Keep an eye out for the 'I's of digital marketing

By Guest Contributor | Dec 22, 2015

Consider the following elements in digital planning to reach an increasingly fragmented media landscape, says content marketing evangelist RP Singh Read More

Want to become an all-rounder CTO? Here's how

By Stephen Forte | Dec 18, 2015

No one talks about how important it is for a CTO to learn the business side of things. That needs to change, says investor-cum-entrepreneur Stephen Forte Read More

Pivot your marketing instead of your product

By Josh Steimle | Dec 17, 2015

According to entrepreneur Josh Steimle, sometimes we assume, without considering all the options, that a pivot means changing our product when all we need is to tweak the marketing Read More

Swiss firm DKSH buys 20 per cent stake in Thailand's aCommerce

By Kevin McSpadden | Dec 09, 2015

The amount is reportedly in eight digits (US dollars). New investment will allow aCommerce to expand to Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam Read More

Millennials aren’t who you think they are and that’s a good thing

By Branding in Asia | Dec 02, 2015

Most of us base our opinion of Millennials on how marketers have defined them. Recent research proves this perception to be wrong Read More

5 reasons to work interactive video into your marketing strategy

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Nov 20, 2015

Updating your content marketing strategy to include interactive video can only improve your conversion rates Read More

Why ZTE is now sponsoring five NBA teams

By TechNode | Nov 11, 2015

Wildly popular in China, the NBA has been a marketing gold mine for ZTE Read More

Indian mobile marketing company AppVirality grabs US$500K round

By Kevin McSpadden | Nov 09, 2015

The plug-and-play platform for mobile growth hacking claims to have generated 1.5 million installs for its clients Read More

4 strategies for marketing like a boss

By The Entourage | Nov 07, 2015

Despite its ever-evolving state, marketing is something that can be tamed and controlled with a better understanding of the fundamentals Read More

Scale up your startup with these 10 useful steps

By Guest Contributor | Nov 06, 2015

Serial entrepreneur Marcus Ho breaks down the arduous journey of growing your business with these insights Read More

3 startup myths that can really hurt your business

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Nov 06, 2015

Before you give up on that next great idea you’ve been cooking up, make sure you’re not falling prey to one of these deceptions Read More

Why you can't clump Millennials into groups of target audiences

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Nov 05, 2015

No one group of Millennials will react to a campaign, product or service the same way Read More


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