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Kofera raises pre-Series A led by MDI Ventures, aims to ease digital marketing for businesses

Kofera aims to solve the problem caused talent scarcity in the field of digital marketing in Indonesia 

In-app messaging, How to convert trial users to paying subscribers

From showing your value to providing incentive, there are plenty of ways in-app messaging can engage your customers 

Short form content still works, and here are 3 reasons you should use it

As long as you've covered the topic, you don’t have to go an extra mile to convert it into a long-form piece 

Aussie growth marketing platform founders share on running a lean remote team and handling customer service personally

With two full-time co-founders and a team of 12 part-time engineers, Gleam's company culture is as simple as it gets, with focus on product and getting things done 

Content curation can improve engagement, and here are 5 ways to ensure effective reach and brand awareness

Curating content helps build brand awareness, trust, and engagement with both audiences and authority figures 

Using case studies can be an excellent marketing strategy, especially for making B2B connections

Not all case studies are created equal. You have to come up with a masterpiece. You shouldn’t invest resources in promoting a case study that is not-so-powerful and isn’t persuasive 

10 of the biggest reasons why startups fail, and how to fix things while you still have time

Have a solid plan that involves and prioritises customers’ opinions; You also need to have perseverance, flexibility, and a solid team that can brave the challenges of running a business 

How we achieved 250 percent revenue growth in 4 months through proper customer onboarding

If you are a sales manager and not hunting for a job now, start looking for one, because selling is dead 

Choose the right images; A strong visual is the cornerstone of a good brand, says Raydar CEO Keith Teo

In marketing, you should react short term, think long term, and marry them together in an aligned execution