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The next environmental threat: video streaming

While Netflix and Amazon scored terribly on Greenpeace’s “Clicking Clean” report, they may have something to learn from Microsoft’s patented underwater datacenter 

Here's how major tech companies bring AI to our daily lives

Even without being obvious and visible, AI is a pervasive part of our lives, and tech giants are, to varying degrees, invested in AI as a channel of growth 

Internet of Taiwan: Microsoft launches IoT Innovation Center in Taipei

The Microsoft IoT Innovation Center will have a global focus with connections through a vast regional network 

Clear skies ahead as Alibaba makes a push towards cloud computing

In their letter to shareholders, Jack Ma and Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang both emphasised the importance of cloud computing to the e-commerce giant's future 

New connections: LinkedIn now has over 100 million users in Asia

The weirdest data point you'll read today: 1,000 people in Singapore are connected to professionals in Antarctica 

This startup is using WeChat chatbots to scale english learning

The new chatbots are not designed to replace teachers, but rather, it acts more like an assistant 

Head in the cloud: A breakdown and comparison of the cloud computing industry

While old stalwarts like Dropbox and iCloud offer serviceable solutions, the industry is filled with other high-quality solutions 

Rakuten sells, moves one more step away from Southeast Asia says it will be adapting its business model and specifically cited a desire to target businesses in Thailand 

Scale new heights with this self-taught developer and entrepreneur at Echelon Indonesia

Developers, this one’s for you: Gain insights on Innovation Through Opportunities in IoT and Arduino from Andri Yadi at Echelon Indonesia 

LINE to terminate MixRadio in coming weeks

LINE cited the subsidiary's overall performance, music streaming challenges and corporate priorities as justification for the decision 

Tencent leads US$10M Series A funding in AI startup Diffbot

With a premiere technology, Diffbot says it can help companies replace human labour for data gathering 

MSN’s new partnership with Taboola may actually threaten Google’s ad reach

Yes, Google should be somewhat worried about this collaboration. This is why 

[Update] Sleepless in Seattle: GrabTaxi opens engineering office in US

The office will work in conjunction with similar facilities in Beijing and Singapore; headed by two men with ties to the Seattle area 

Why Indian campuses must encourage 'startup spirit' in students

The role of educational campuses to nurture and develop the entrepreneurial talent is key to setting up the foundation for future generations, says the author 

"Mom. Dad. I'm building a startup."

Christmas is right around the corner. Let us help you prepare for the inevitable question 

How a universal basic income could fuel entrepreneurship

Countries like Australia must invest in people if they want to stay innovative. A universal basic income is the solution – this is why 

Busted: 3 myths on hiring freelance IT professionals in startups

IT talent-for-hire can give startups a big advantage without risking outside capital or IP, says author-turned-entrepreneur Dave Osh 

Can India build the next Silicon Valley?

The rise of the Indian software industry coupled with the growth of the startup ecosystem raises the age-old question: Is India ready for its own Silicon Valley? 

This is how startups do business in China

These are the four things to know before bringing an Israeli startup, or any Western venture, to China 

Infographic: What are the hottest online jobs now?

Online creative projects are surging, Microsoft ramps up its online jobs pool, and visual-heavy social media startups are taking centre stage 

Jogjakarta students learn game development with Microsoft YouthSpark

Microsoft allocates US$75 million globally to empower underprivileged youth with IT skills 

A quick guide to investing in startups

Investing in startups is trending, but the million-dollar issue is to generate outsized returns and make real money with minimal risk. Entrepreneur Alejandro Cremades shows us how 

Singapore's Expara, Microsoft team up for Vietnam accelerator

Expara is giving startups an opportunity for a US$10,000 mid-point investment and up to US$500,000 after Demo Day