China vs US: Who is winning the big artificial intelligence battle?

The Chinese government’s pivot to become the leader in this technology has created plenty of hype, but how are China’s artificial intelligence aspirations playing out on the ground? 

With a shakeup and evolution at Microsoft, startups stand to benefit from more targeted solutions

After attending Microsoft Inspire at Washington DC, I walked away with a new perspective and appreciation for an organisation that isn't afraid to disrupt itself entirely 

Indian cab-hailing company Ola raises US$36M to fight close rival Uber

Software giant Microsoft is also in talks to invest between US$50 million and US$100 million in Ola 

These influential women nailed down the tech industry, proving that the glass ceiling can be broken

Even today the gender gap is alive, but fortunately there are women who have broken through the glass ceiling and marked their presence worldwide 

Microsoft in talks to pump up to US$100M into Indian cab-hailing company Ola

Earlier there were reports that Japanese telecom and Internet giant SoftBank was looking to invest up to US$300 million in Ola 

Captain's Log, July 18: Microsoft lays off Singapore-based consumer team

Also, GRANA expands to mainland China, Chinese fintech firm gets in-principle approval from MAS, and more 

Trump immigration ban and its implications for Asian entrepreneurs

Tech companies will stand to lose out if the immigration ban comes into effect 

Apple to build first data centre in China to comply with cybersecurity laws

Apple will work with a government-owned company to establish the data centre 

Practical applications and ability to move within real environments make Mixed Reality the winner over pure AR or VR

MR will be used in different fields like education, healthcare, automation, aeronautics, and architecture