9 fabulous startup leaders speaking at e27 Academy Roadshow: Kuala Lumpur

Learn from investors, Founders, community builders and serial entrepreneurs in this exciting e27 Academy event! 

Indonesian logistics startup Waresix raises US$1.6M in pre-Series A funding round

East Ventures and Monk's Hill Ventures lead the latest funding round for Waresix, an on-demand warehouse service marketplace 

Lazada to offer online financing for its sellers in Singapore

Developed by Finaxar, this solution allows sellers to directly access working capital using a fully automated online application process, with credit approval in a short time 

The Jay Kim Show with Monk's Hill Managing Partner Peng T. Ong

Ong worked first as a Founder of three successful companies (including and started Monk's Hill Ventures in Singapore 


Indonesian financial marketplace CekAja's parent C88 raises US$28M from Experian, Monk's Hill, others

C88 also operates financial products comparison platform eCompareMo in the Philippines, with plans to open a new company in Thailand 

27 investors that make Echelon 2018 the best tech event this year

Part of the reason to attend a tech conference is to meet investors and pitch your company. These 27 standouts will make Echelon a fantastic lead-gen opportunity 

11 fantastic investors at Echelon and what they will speak on

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So, you want to join a startup in Southeast Asia? Here are some things to think about

Startup experiences can be vastly different depending on stage, whether it sells to businesses or consumers, leadership, etc. 

Monk’s Hill Ventures leads US$3.2M in AI-powered language learning app ELSA

The app listens to the way users pronounce words, sentences or conversations to pinpoint errors and provide real-time feedback on their pronunciation mistakes with suggestions on how to improve