Shannon Kalayanamitr leaves Orami; will pursue SEA-based tech venture with social angle

Co-founder Shannon Kalayanamitr has helped Orami since its inception five years ago -- when it was called MOXY 

[Updated] MoxyBilna? Call them Orami, and they have secured a US$15M funding

The funding round is led by SMDV, with Gobi Partners, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, Ardent Capital, and Velos Partners 

30 mind-blowing companies you should definitely meet: Part 2

Star light, star bright; I wish I may, I wish I might, find a cool new startup while browsing tonight. 

E-commerce platforms Moxy and Bilna announce merger

The new brand MoxyBilna aims to serve the region’s lucrative ‘female economy’ 

Behind the Startup: The beauty of small teams is in their dedication

Moxy Indonesia’s VP of Engineering on the importance of being agile, and of knowing what women want in an e-commerce site 

[Video Podcast] Michael Talks Tech with e27, LINE, MOXY and more

Also to join investor and interviewer Michael Waitze on the show are Wishbeer, Pyco Group, Hub.IT, ProMandate and Kasikornbank 

Is the term 'woman entrepreneur' sexist?

Four female leaders in the startup ecosystem talk family and sexism, and offer advice for women in business in this Echelon Thailand panel 

4 founders chit-chat at Echelon Thailand about selling their startups

Shannon Kalayanamitr, Pawoot Pongvitayapanu, Nikki Assavathorn and Jonah Levey talk candidly about having their companies acquired 

Ardent Capital launches Ardent Hired recruitment service for startups

The service will be run by the recruitment team that has helped grow aCommerce, Moxy and HappyFresh 

27 Influencers to be recognised at Echelon Thailand 2015

You will get a chance to meet the Influencers at Echelon Thailand 2015 to be held on November 26-27 at Bangkok’s BITEC venue