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These gadgets will blow your mind in 2016

By Guest Contributor | Jan 26, 2016

A phone that bends to fit in your pocket and a 3D scanner you can hold, there are many such exciting technologies in store for us in 2016, says the author Read More

Why physical wallets might become extinct in Asia in 2017

By Kai Kiat Ong | Jan 11, 2016

M-payments in Asia is expected to grow from US$85M in 2012 to US$163.6M in 2016, which means the field of m-wallet is wide open for the taking, says the author Read More

Singtel to work on smart home solutions for Singaporeans

By Colin Tung | Jan 08, 2016

It will conduct field trials and roll out solutions for home automation, health and elderly monitoring, and connected cars from this year Read More

Virtual reality is getting real in China

By TechNode | Jan 01, 2016

China will be the epicentre of growth for the virtual reality industry, which is likely to 'explode' in magnitude and orders in the next one-two years Read More

Here is why Reliance, Tata are interested in startups

By Guest Contributor | Dec 23, 2015

Corporates and HNIs are stepping in to boost the ecosystem, as they realise the value of being at the forefront of innovation, says the author Read More

Socialgiver and OTTO win Singtel-Samsung mobile app challenge

By Anisa Menur | Dec 08, 2015

The startups beat 700 submissions from Africa, Australia and Asia Pacific Read More

India's Titan joins hands with HP to develop smartwatches

By Ishita Russell | Nov 24, 2015

The world's fifth-largest watch maker plans to launch its smartwatches in India and select other markets by the end of this year Read More

Samsung to launch newest budget smartphone in Korea this month

By Elaine Huang | Nov 20, 2015

The Galaxy J7 was first launched in India and China in June 2015 as a way for Samsung to fight with Xiaomi and Oneplus Read More

Eyebus, Sleeping Beauty win student entrepreneur challenge

By Kevin McSpadden | Nov 11, 2015

Each winner takes home S$10,000 (US$ 7,037), receives a four-day trip to visit the Samsung HQ in Korea, as well as an internship Read More

Huawei hires ex-Apple executive to improve its interface

By TechNode | Oct 30, 2015

After a 63 per cent on year rise in sales in the third quarter, Huawei is now eyeing international competition, including Apple's iPhone Read More

Xiaomi: From pocket-friendly mobiles to Segways and smart TVs

By Hannah Leung | Oct 20, 2015

Xiaomi unveils new Segway and Mi TV 3; stirs jealousy amongst potential consumers outside China Read More

Amid tough competition from Xiaomi and Huawei, HTC Q3 loss widens

By Hannah Leung | Oct 06, 2015

In August 2015, HTC said it would cut over 2,000 jobs, and in September it was dropped from Taiwan's Top 50 index Read More

40 brands that rock at word-of-mouth marketing

By Jon Tan | Oct 06, 2015

Word-of-mouth marketing is the buzzword on every company's mind. Learn how to leverage it for your company with this comprehensive guide Read More

4 issues that will arise as the IoT space matures

By Yon Heong Tung | Sep 25, 2015

Some say our reliance on IoT will be our downfall. While some fears are unfounded, others are valid. Here are four IoT issues that need tackling Read More

Governments in Southeast Asia are upping their push to Smart Nation status

By Yon Heong Tung | Sep 18, 2015

Here's how Southeast Asia is going all out to integrate smart technology into everyday devices for both the benefit of society and the economy Read More

5 'made in Asia' smart living projects that will get you pumped

By Yon Heong Tung | Sep 10, 2015

The advent of smart living technologies is turning science-fiction dreams into reality. Here are five ways Asia is riding this trend Read More

Indonesia Next App 2015 to focus on IoT, health, on-demand services

By DailySocial | Aug 03, 2015

This year’s theme revolves around IoT in the safety and comfort of residential homes, electricity, water management, and Samsung’s S-Health Read More

Chip maker Qualcomm squeezed by Asian upstarts

By Michael de Waal-Montgomery | Jul 24, 2015

The problem is only exacerbated when 84 per cent of its annual sales reportedly come from this part of the world Read More

IoT market in APAC will hit US$862 billion by 2020: IDC

By Michael de Waal-Montgomery | May 26, 2015

According to one IDC report from February, the IoT market size in Asia Pacific excluding Japan will grow from US$408 billion in 2013 to US$862 billion by 2020 Read More

"1 out of 3 Samsung phones are made in Vietnam"

By Andrew Rowan | May 13, 2015

As Samsung ramps up investments and smartphone manufacturing in Vietnam, what opportunities does the Southeast Asian country offer? Read More

We wanted to create a new experience: Samsung Galaxy S6 design chief

By Rahil Bhagat | Apr 03, 2015

"When you have a very good concept, you want to make sure you follow it all the way through and not be compromised in any way," said Samsung's senior designer Hong Yeo Read More

3 branded marketing campaigns that got it right

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Mar 17, 2015

Creating a successful branded marketing campaign that gets people talking has become increasingly challenging with so much digital noise Read More

5 Western startups expanding into India that you should know

By Sainul Abudheen K | Feb 26, 2015

Foreign entrepreneurs say being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India can no longer be ignored by companies nursing global ambitions Read More


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