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American startup HubSpot opens office in Singapore, brings 150 jobs to city

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 26, 2016

With an 'east meets west' theme, the office will include beer on-tap, a mother's room and a hidden lounge with gaming consoles Read More

Why didn't I think of that? Clever ideas to stand out in e-commerce

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 25, 2016

E-commerce is no longer about being the only kid on the block, now companies need to make sure they have the coolest toys to attract users — and loyalty Read More

After leading Victorious in Asia, Tony Zameczkowski joins Netflix

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 20, 2016

As Netflix continues to deepen its 'international push' from January, Zameczkowski joins the team to leverage strategic partnerships Read More

In Photos: Tech In Asia 2016 Conference

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 13, 2016

Not all our readers were able to attend Tech in Asia's conference the past couple of days. So here are some pics to wet the whistle Read More

What factors lead to the success of Garena

By e27.co/edison.chen | Apr 11, 2016

Although both business models of Tencent and Alibaba are commonly imitated and adapted in SEA, none of them has implemented the viable business models in China much better than Garena Read More

MyRepublic appoints Lavinia Koh to fill newly-formed CFO position

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 11, 2016

Koh has 20 years of experience in the telco industry and was most recently Vodafone's Head of Finance for Africa, the Middle East and Asia Read More

Equity and debt crowdfunding platform FundedHere raises US$1.29M

By Sainul Abudheen K | Apr 11, 2016

FundedHere allows registered investors to invest from as low as US$3,700 each in companies based in Singapore, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines Read More

LinkedIn launches US$59M data centre in Singapore; first outside of US

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 06, 2016

The center will be located in Jurong and is about the size of four and a half basketball courts Read More

Uber brings cash payment system to Singapore

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 06, 2016

The company cited a 45 per cent user increase in other cities as well as the fact that 30 per cent of transactions in Singapore are in cash Read More

Rakuten sells Tarad.com, moves one more step away from Southeast Asia

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 06, 2016

Tarad.com says it will be adapting its business model and specifically cited a desire to target businesses in Thailand Read More

A table for two please: Online booking startup Chope acquires Indonesian counterpart MakanLuar

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 05, 2016

The deal will bring Chope, Asia's largest restaurant booking startup, into Jakarta, Bali and Bandung Read More

Everyone loves free: In Singapore, get 10 GrabCar rides next week at no cost

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 01, 2016

The deal is for first time GrabPay users, operates around the Central Business District and can be used between 6am and 6pm all next week Read More

Charging up the future: Check out these cool devices from IoT Asia 2016

By Yon Heong Tung | Apr 01, 2016

As Singapore ramps up its Smart City ambitions, be prepared to witness as more sci-fi tech comes to life Read More

Building an international business: What I learned founding ZEN Rooms from scratch

By e27.co/nathan.boublil | Apr 01, 2016

Thinking of starting an internationally-focussed company? Or even joining Rocket Internet? Nathan Boublil offers his perspective Read More

Singapore's Garena raises US$170 million Series D, led by Malaysian Government fund

By Kevin McSpadden | Mar 31, 2016

The funding will be used to accelerate regional dominance, and special attention was paid to Shopee and AirPay Read More

Three years on, how has Uber impacted Singapore?

By Kevin McSpadden | Mar 29, 2016

Uber released localised data and offered some insight into how exactly Singapore uses the world's most famous ride-hailing service Read More

Running a startup means constantly putting out fires: ServisHero CEO Karl Loo

By Kevin McSpadden | Mar 24, 2016

We chat with ServisHero head man about entrepreneurship, the startup scene and why his company is different from Homejoy Read More

Singapore has world's fastest Internet, but South Korea has the best: Akamai report

By Kevin McSpadden | Mar 23, 2016

When it comes to page-loading time on a mobile device, Singapore ranks slightly above average, with Thailand being the fastest Read More

Surfing the K-wave: Hermo launches beauty platform in Singapore

By Kevin McSpadden | Mar 23, 2016

Hermo focusses on sourcing Asian beauty products, specifically leveraging the Korean Wave and popularity the country's beauty scene Read More

Gobi Partners is an funding spree; leads US$2M in Malaysian e-commerce group Nuren

By Sainul Abudheen K | Mar 23, 2016

Nuren is a female-dedicated content, community and e-commerce group that operates Wedding.com.my and Motherhood.com.my in Malaysia, and Nuren.sg in Singapore Read More

Twitter is 10: What Asia has been tweeting in the past decade

By Kevin McSpadden | Mar 21, 2016

More and more Twitter is feeling like an echo chamber, but looking back on its decade of existence, it definitely changed the world Read More

Up, up, and away! ServisHero raises US$2.7M led by Golden Gate; flies into Thailand

By Kevin McSpadden | Mar 21, 2016

ServisHero also announced it has launched multilingual capabilities, with English, Malay, Mandarin and Thailand all available Read More

The seven deadly sins of startup entrepreneurship

By e27.co/guy-kawasaki | Mar 17, 2016

Much like a traditional sin, it is hard not to commit at least one error. So do not assume sinning means failure; just make sure to learn Read More

There is social media and then there is Facebook; company releases data of dominance

By Kevin McSpadden | Mar 16, 2016

Additionally, Facebook's photo-sharing app Instagram is also finding success, with 22 million users in Indonesia Read More

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