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Meet the 8 startups participating in The FinLab, a Singaporean fintech accelerator programme

The startups cover everything from gold, to predictive models to financial planning 

e27 discussions, when do co-working spaces do more harm than good?

Co-workings spaces can be fantastic during the early days of a startup, but at what point does it start to hurt more than it helps? 

Singapore cleaning services provider ProperHands to shut down Thursday

The cleaning industry is competitive and crowded, with multiple companies working to take on traditional industry players 

20 more startups pitching at TOP100 Fight Club, showcasing the best of Asia in Echelon Asia Summit 2017

From travel to fintech and marketing services to end-to-end business management systems, these 20 startups of TOP100 Fight Club showcases the best of a wide range of industries. 

What global smart cities and vision zero initiatives are getting wrong

To be truly impactful, they need to recognize one big thing 

In Tweets, Singapore makes cybersecurity push

Whether it is a call for 2,6000 professionals in next decade, or an MOU with Australia, Singapore is making a strong push in cybersecurity 

Exhibitors you will meet this June, a thriving digital economy on display at Echelon Asia Summit 2017

There are a lot of things to be excited about Echelon Asia Summit 2017. These exhibitors are a few of them. 

Chin Chao of InnoVen Capital to answer your funding questions in an AMA tomorrow at 10am!

Chin Chao is an expert in venture debt and will answer your questions on how to raise effective capital 

Singapore O2O retailer Naiise to enter Malaysia, its first step outside of Lion City

Naiise has been a champion of #GoLocal and wants to bring the mantra to Malaysia (and eventually the UK)