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This coworking platform wants to get Asia's freelancers out of Starbucks

By TechNode | May 26, 2016

Based in Singapore and Shanghai, Loop needs to get creative with networking benefits, Guava Pass deals and Softlayer discounts Read More

Forget Lion City, the city's new nickname should be Segway Singapore

By Kevin McSpadden | May 25, 2016

Forget autonomous taxis, the future for Singapore might as well be personal transports Read More

Can the world's most famous taxi app UberEATS the competition?

By Kevin McSpadden | May 25, 2016

With UberEATS rolling out across North America and Singapore's history of 'Uber firsts', the launch in the Lion City is no surprise Read More

Backseat driving: Key takeaways from the Google/Temasek e-commerce report

By Kevin McSpadden | May 25, 2016

The 'e-conomy report' points to an e-commerce industry set for serious growth, but it also highlights potholes and obstacles in the region Read More

There is a hero in all of us: Fantasy sports app SportsHero launches with a US$2.4M funding

By Sainul Abudheen K | May 25, 2016

SportHero is a gamified social sports prediction platform where users can predict, interact and compete on all major sports -- virtually and in real-time -- and win prizes Read More

Soon you will be able to ride in a robo-taxi; nuTonomy coming to Singapore with the backing of EDBI

By Sainul Abudheen K | May 24, 2016

nuTonomy is piloting a R&D fleet of self-driving taxis in Singapore, which will pave the way for the rollout its taxi fleet that could be hailed by a phone call or via a taxi-hailing app Read More

Slew of investors help KL fintech startup Jirnexu raise US$3M Series A

By Kevin McSpadden | May 24, 2016

PropertyGuru Co-founder and CEO Steve Melhuish was a private investor in the deal Read More

INSEAD tries to break the ‘cookie-cutter’ system by launching an incubator

By Kevin McSpadden | May 23, 2016

With no time constraints and no limitations on vertical, INSEADERS is trying to make entrepreneurship sexy for the business school's alumni network Read More

8 for fortune: OCBC fintech accelerator reveals its participants

By Kevin McSpadden | May 20, 2016

The startups cover — among others — blockchain asset transfers, robo investment advisory and mobile wallets Read More

3 ways to attract Thai fintech talents against stiff regional competition

By Kai Kiat Ong | May 20, 2016

Thailand has a significant underbanked population, especially in the rural areas, and fintech has the potential to reach them in a cost-effective manner Read More

Meet the 9 startups selected for UOB's FinLab accelerator programme

By Kevin McSpadden | May 18, 2016

Over 300 companies applied and the winners come from a diverse set of industries and sectors Read More

Lucky number 7: Singapore's SPRING forges local partnerships to match US$2.9 million startup investments

By Kevin McSpadden | May 18, 2016

The deals will surround deep tech investments in two sectors SPRING sees as growth industries Read More

Startups for discovery: Singapore set to open first deep tech innovation hub

By Kevin McSpadden | May 17, 2016

NUS Enterprise and Ascendas-Singbridge hope to create a hub for growth-stage deep tech companies that integrates nicely with the JTC Launchpad community Read More

Just check TechSG: Singapore's NUS platform working to integrate startup community

By Kevin McSpadden | May 17, 2016

TechSG hopes to connect entrepreneurs, investors, technology providers, government agencies and industry associations Read More

Staying alive in the fashion world: lessons learnt by Getfash.com

By e27.co/gerald-tan | May 13, 2016

Working with local fashion brands, Getfash.com has learnt important lessons to help merchants build brand equity and generate targeted awareness Read More

Meet New Union: An under-the-radar Singapore crowdfunding platform putting up mind-blowing numbers

By Kevin McSpadden | May 11, 2016

New Union also has a legitimate presence in a country not often discussed in local startup media: Cambodia Read More

Singapore's Tagit raises US$8.75M to enhance international fintech development

By Kevin McSpadden | May 10, 2016

The two companies spoke explicitly about two separate strengths that will integrate nicely with one another Read More

Meet the 29 startups gettin' fit at the DBS HotSpot Bootcamp

By Kevin McSpadden | May 09, 2016

After the bootcamp, eight companies will be chosen to continue the journey at the Pre-accelerator programme Read More

The best 'F word' is not Founders or Funding

By e27.co/joel-leong | May 09, 2016

Founders are essential, without them their idea and the startup would not exist. But maybe that is their greatest contribution Read More

IAB launches Tech Tuesdays to mentor young startups in Singapore

By Sainul Abudheen K | May 04, 2016

Up to five startups will be invited regularly to present their ideas to the IAB members and the winner will be selected by a committee which curated the event Read More

[Updated] Infographic: Singaporeans among the heaviest app users globally: adjust report

By Yon Heong Tung | May 03, 2016

Singaporeans spend a whole minute longer on any given app than the global average Read More

American startup HubSpot opens office in Singapore, brings 150 jobs to city

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 26, 2016

With an 'east meets west' theme, the office will include beer on-tap, a mother's room and a hidden lounge with gaming consoles Read More

Why didn't I think of that? Clever ideas to stand out in e-commerce

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 25, 2016

E-commerce is no longer about being the only kid on the block, now companies need to make sure they have the coolest toys to attract users — and loyalty Read More

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