Today's top tech news, April 16: Singapore may loosen strict rules on AirBnB-esque rentals

Also, Thailand mobile operator gets hit with data leak and Philippines bank inks interesting deal with blockchains startup 

The 4 fundamental business models of incubators

When choosing an incubation programme or an innovation partner, entrepreneurs and  organisations need to be aware of their underlying business models 

Hong Kong mini-storage startup buys Taiwanese peer

The Hong Kong startup Boxful has been in Taiwan for a couple of years, but this deal helps add additional warehouse space 

Cashless payments come with security and privacy challenges from the viewpoint of consumers and businesses

From ease of use to potential fraud, here are some challenges that might slow us down on the path to being a smart nation 

4 made-in-Singapore chatbots that can raise your company's productivity

Chatbots have evolved from simple automated scripts to elaborate algorithms that identify needs with the ability to learn from every conversation 

Ryde wants to replace Uber in Singapore, launches private-hire service

Uber is leaving a vacuum in Southeast Asia, can Ryde fill the gap? 

Stripe Co-founder Patrick Collison on why companies need to build a developer-friendly culture

Collison believes that all companies have to constantly go through failures (but not those big enough to break  them) in order to be successful 

Can foreigners cash out cryptocurrency, tax-free, in Singapore?

Currently, the Monetary Association of Singapore does not regulate virtual currencies and their derivaties 

4 factors to consider before you invest in a crowdfunding platform

Before parting with your money, here are a few things to consider before investing through crowdfunding 

Here is how to invest in startups in Singapore like a pro

Singapore is home to one of the most business-friendly environments in the region, but how do you invest in the startups here?