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By focussing too much on promotions and buzz, brands and marketers are pissing off bloggers and driving away influencers

The irony is that we keep talking about the power of digital storytelling, yet unfortunately a lot of the online initiatives we see are promo-driven social media efforts that don’t encourage genuine engagement 

Social commerce goes beyond social; It also requires tweaking user behaviour

The true meaning of the word "social" in social commerce is actually the full context of your real life use cases where any social activity is involved 

9 highly effective ways you can engage with audiences using Twitter

Marketers often struggle with how to use Twitter to attract a bigger audience and turn these into viable leads and customers 

How an out-of-the-box media initiative can get you attention and engagement - a case study involving risks and unconventional content

Companies that are looking to create ‘out of the box’ content must first ask themselves how this can help achieve their internal goals and communicate their desired message to a wide range of audiences 

19 steps to marketing your startup when your budget is next to nothing

It's all about networking, content, distribution, engagement, and data 

7 ways Snapchat can help you market your brand to a young and mobile audience

When used right, Snapchat can be an effective marketing medium, especially for highly mobile millennials 

Simple tips to ensure the success of your next online venture

From design to content to social engagement here are the things you should focus on in building your next digital business