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Mark your calendar: Startup and technology event Slush is coming to Singapore this September 20!

By Dayana Sobri | Jul 20, 2016

Slush is the focal point for startups and tech talent to meet with top-tier international investors, executives and media Read More

4 rising HR tech startups to watch out for in Singapore

By e27.co/adriantan18 | Jul 19, 2016

SalaryBoard, EngageRocket, Mimetic and TalentDash will soon disrupt the HR dept Read More

How can tech innovation save procurement practices?

By e27.co/andrew.liew | Jul 18, 2016

Procurement can be an innovative tool for companies, but there is still plenty of room to grow Read More

Insurtech investment: What is the potential of each Insurtech initiative?

By e27.co/matteo.carbone | Jul 18, 2016

The insurance sector, which is considered to be fairly traditional and resistant to change, is currently being overtaken by a macro trend of digital transformation Read More

Singapore-based Lithan plans to accelerate Myanmar's development of tech startups

By Dayana Sobri | Jul 15, 2016

Lithan’s TechUP Accelerator programme aims to incubate digital savvy talents to create their tech startup from scratch Read More

5 Pokemon Go marketing strategies you can start from Day 1

By e27.co/taiki.beaufils | Jul 14, 2016

The marketing strategies are inspired by the popular game Read More

Want to accelerate startup growth? Here's why situational leadership is important

By e27.co/taiki.beaufils | Jul 14, 2016

One of the biggest mistakes most leaders - including managers - make is that they utilise the same leadership style with everyone Read More

The Unicroach approach: 10 tips on community building

By e27.co/warren.leow | Jul 13, 2016

A community does not need a token or click-baitish person; it needs a social platform to democratise and amplify best practices and support Read More

Food-delivery startup Twigly raises US$600k in seed funding, plans to expand

By Dayana Sobri | Jul 13, 2016

The startup will use the funds for top of the funnel marketing, and expansion to Delhi and Bangalore Read More

An open letter to Indian startups, entrepreneurs, VCs and startup employees: Let’s celebrate failure

By Bhavin Turakhia | Jul 13, 2016

Over 95 per cent of startups are expected to fail. In fact, we are doing considerably better in India at least as far as valuations go, for the time being Read More

6 Malaysian start-ups that definitely made our life easier

By e27.co/jeremy.chew | Jul 12, 2016

The startups range from fashion to food Read More

Biztory lets small businesses deal with GST matters in a simple way

By e27.co/bowie-saw | Jul 11, 2016

Smart Business Assistant to increase work efficiency Read More

How can startups avoid these 5 common HR mistakes?

By e27.co/oscar-waterworth | Jul 08, 2016

Product development can only run smoothly when employees are happy and managed properly Read More

ShopBack ramps up cash rebate services with launch of mobile app

By Dayana Sobri | Jul 04, 2016

Some of the key features include cashback shopping, coupon codes and more Read More

Why we had to cancel our successful Kickstarter campaign, and how we bounced back: BOLDR

By e27.co/leon-1 | Jun 28, 2016

Here's the story of how we botched our first Kickstarter campaign and came back stronger than before Read More

Spreading wings: Singapore's Fundnel partners with regional angel network BANSEA

By Kevin McSpadden | Jun 27, 2016

BANSEA is launching a new platform in order to diversify potential startup investments via Fundnel's network Read More

Want to be the next Chewbacca mask lady? Try these tips out for size

By e27.co/clairine.runtung | Jun 21, 2016

Be clever, be emotional; but for the love of god, don't overthink it Read More

7 steps to making your startup a safe place to work

By e27.co/swati-kapoor | Jun 16, 2016

As a startup, health and safety of your employees is something you need to get right in order to stay on the path to success Read More

Sell a vision and not a product

By e27.co/ivan.tay1 | Jun 16, 2016

We all know that the product is never finished and is constantly evolving. As the product gets better and better at meeting the needs of the customer, the closer we find ourselves moving towards the vision that it promises Read More

beely: Boosting consumers’ experience by rewarding their time spent

By e27.co/bobbydeboy | Jun 10, 2016

Hyperion Labs is bringing back the consumers to the offline world, just by rewarding them for their time spent doing what they love the most. Read More

Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao throws his hat into the startup ring, invests in Singapore’s GToken

By Sainul Abudheen K | Jun 06, 2016

GToken is one of the five companies who will be exhibiting under the Create Zone at the Echelon Asia Summit 2016 Read More

Airing the dirty laundry: Harsh realities about laundry startups in India

By e27.co/sameer.jain | Jun 03, 2016

The factors for differentiation are quite low and loyalty of customer is quite hard to get, and hence no predictable sales Read More

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