Ready to launch? Here are 3 strategies to get your startup off to a strong start

Like everything in a startup, a successful launch requires an incredible amount of planning and strategy 

(Exclusive) Creating Talks offers a platform for you to share your story with others, raises funding

Creating Talks will use the money to revamp its website, integrate viewer interaction, and also to build exclusive content for its online audience 

Stand out from the competition with these 3 tried-and-tested strategies

Differentiation is becoming more and more challenging for startups 

AVANA raises US$1M to enable Malaysian MSMEs to run their business on social channels

AVANA transforms social media from a promotional platform to a transactional one, bridging the gap between product discovery and purchase 

Singapore’s DocDoc raises US$5.45M to enables patients to find the right care at the right time

With a network of over 23,000 physicians, DocDoc combines expertise in clinical informatics, Artificial Intelligence, and healthcare quality assessment to deliver healthcare solutions 

500 Startups-backed GetCRAFT launches content marketplace for brands to discover content creators, marketers

GetCRAFT, which is working with more than 250 brands, plans to open offices in Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore by the end of 2018 

Finding the sweet spot of product-market fit? Target what B2B customers really really need

Rather than spending too much time on sales figures or customer acquisition, focus instead on serving that one customer with that one product 

6 steps to nailing the perfect 7 second pitch

The first 7 seconds are crucial when you start pitching your idea in front of potential investors 

WOOP helps women engage with brands, get rewards, and educate girls in India

WOOP is an online platform where women win rewards for engaging with brands, which in turn get authentic word of mouth from real consumer advocates at scale