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I'm married and have two kids. Can I plunge into entrepreneurship now?

By Sainul Abudheen | 14 hours ago

Is it a good idea to launch a startup, however unique it is, if you have got a family that is dependent on you? Read More

7 startup building mistakes every entrepreneur should avoid

By e27.co/kunjal-panchal | Oct 19, 2016

The road to success is fraught with potholes Read More

Why overworking can kill your startup

By Mahesh Nair | Oct 19, 2016

Burning out is a very real problem Read More

The hard truth about Vietnam's software engineering industry

By e27.co/son.le.thanh | Oct 18, 2016

Challenges hindering the talent pool of Vietnamese engineers Read More

Launching a marketplace platform? Avoid these startup mistakes

By e27.co/jane-hurst | Oct 13, 2016

Building a marketplace is not rainbows and unicorns. You’ll have to sweat your guts out to make it work. Read More

Should your startup actually be a small business?

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Oct 11, 2016

High growth isn’t necessarily better — or right for your lifestyle. Tim Chaves discusses key questions you should ask yourself Read More

7 tips to create most efficient Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for startup

By e27.co/shahid-mansuri | Sep 30, 2016

MVP lets you gauge the end-user reactions to the fundamental functionalities in your product Read More

Fundraising 101: Convertible notes explained

By e27.co/audrey.ang | Sep 21, 2016

Negotiating with an angel investor can be tricky, so at least go into the meeting feeling prepared Read More

Sheroes acquires LoveDoctor.in to offer love and sexual health counselling for women

By Sainul Abudheen | Sep 17, 2016

LoveDoctor uses web, SMS and WhatsApp platforms to provide counselling and has answered over 50,000 questions from young people aged 16-25 Read More

The big data balance: a man-plus-machine approach to hiring

By e27.co/charisma | Sep 08, 2016

Making data and people analytics work for your recruitment strategy comes down to combining the intuition of man with the accuracy of technology Read More

Fundraising documents 101: Convertible notes explained

By e27.co/audrey.ang | Sep 08, 2016

The three most important variables in a Convertible Note Agreement are the investment threshold, the valuation cap, and the discount rate Read More

How small businesses can compete with big names in marketing

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Sep 08, 2016

Startups have a serious financial disadvantage for marketing. These tips will help Founders bridge the gap Read More

5 mistakes startup owners make when choosing a web hosting service

By e27.co/chris-danks | Sep 07, 2016

There is no question about why businesses should own a website. Here's how to do it right Read More

Content marketing 101 for fintech startups

By e27.co/elena.prokopets | Sep 02, 2016

Use any of the many tools available to determine which of your content venues and which content specifically is getting the most interest and shares Read More

Malaysia's Tune Labs partners with Philippines startup ZAP to enable reward points for AirAsia BIG customers

By Dayana Sobri | Sep 02, 2016

The joint venture aims to expand AirAsia BIG’s offer to include thousands of physical store locations that its members shop at in different parts of Asia Read More

Chinese tech giant Kuang-Chi invests US$3M in emotions analytics company Beyond Verbal

By Dayana Sobri | Sep 01, 2016

Kuang-Chi seeks investments in technologically disruptive early to mid-stage Israeli and global companies in robotics, machine vision, aviation, and related technology sectors Read More

Startup mentality is not bound by age: Venu Ambati of ALLDOX

By Dayana Sobri | Sep 01, 2016

e27 gets up close and personal with Venu Ambati, Malaysia-based co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of ALLDOX Read More

The art of expanding your business overseas: Advice for Founders

By e27.co/andrew-chung | Sep 01, 2016

For any businesses that want to expand, focus on your core business and outsource the rest. Use serviced offices and outsource administrative tasks Read More

Malaysia's SmartBite gets funding from Marna Capital, Rhombus Food Holdings, others

By Dayana Sobri | Sep 01, 2016

The SmartBite model aims to make it convenient for working professionals to get lunch from their favourite restaurants which are selected based on its quality, variety and proximity Read More

Tech startup Fang Tian launches real estate mobile app platform in Malaysia

By Dayana Sobri | Aug 31, 2016

The Fang Tian platform has three mobile apps catering to the different roles that complete the property transaction process Read More

This Singaporean startup wants to save you by predicting medical crises before they arise

By Dayana Sobri | Aug 29, 2016

We catch up with Kuldeep Singh Rajput, Founder and MD at Biofourmis to find out more Read More

Malaysia's logistics delivery startup RunningMan raises US$40K on pitchIN Equity

By Dayana Sobri | Aug 26, 2016

The startup also made history by becoming the first Angel Tax Incentive (ATI) accredited company to raise funds through equity crowdfunding Read More

This startup wants to bridge the gap between chat and email

By TechNode | Aug 26, 2016

Similar to WeChat, the hugely popular Chinese social networking app, Rush users can send voice messages as ‘chats’, plus other things Read More

Fintech company Adyen expands its presence in APAC, partners with Grab

By Dayana Sobri | Aug 25, 2016

Adyen moves to new, larger premises in Singapore and was selected by Grab as its payment solution partner in Southeast Asia Read More

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