Dear tech companies, you’re more than just a platform

It's time for tech companies to stop hiding behind the "we're just a platform” jargon 

The Story of You with Homage Co-founder and CEO Gillian Tee

Homage is using technology to improve the quality of care for Singapore's elderly population 

Why the success of your startup depends on software testing

If your solution constantly breaks down, your customers would be unhappy, and then you will have no business 

Startups are going to run the world!

Welcome to the e27 Tea Talk, where we talk about everything startup ecosystem. 

The Jay Kim Show with Drake Sutton-Shearer, the Co-Founder and CEO of PRØHBTD Media

PRØHBTD has become an industry leader in creating videos and content marketing for the marijuana industry 

Keep an eye out for the Vietnam startup ecosystem and its potential for growth

Editors Note: Due to concerns about the originality of this article, e27 has removed the content of this post. We apologize to our readers. 

4 overplayed startup themes in Singapore and the challenges of implementing them

Think education is ripe for disruption? Well a lot has changed since your school days 

Philippine millennials are critical online shoppers

Making well-informed purchase online comes as a priority for Philippine consumers 

Some things to consider when finding your cofounders

Having a co-founder allows you to share the challenges of starting a company together 

DBS Fintech Accelerator kicks off again in Hong Kong with 6 global startups

The second edition of DBS Fintech Accelerator began on Monday with startups coming from Hong Kong, the UK, Israel, Poland, and Australia