A structured approach to finding the next big thing

The best ideas come from something you noticed that really sucks and you stop and think "why is the world this way? Could it be different?" then set out to validate the idea 

3 reasons why Asia's tech ecosystem needs heroes

Entrepreneurs in Asia should also closely follow the stories of tech founders who have succeeded here in the region 

Why hasn’t ride-hailing services found success in Taiwan?

In Taiwan, Uber hasn’t been able to make themselves indispensable enough to get by local regulators. 

In India, should you buy a car or just Uber/Ola everywhere?

Ridesharing involves a lot of micro-transactions, but how does it compare to the one-time purchase of a car? 

This on-demand cleaning startup adjusts with the needs of Singapore's market

A one-stop-shop for cleaning and household repair services, Clean on Demand now eyes regional expansion 

Ola vs. Uber 2019: Which is the Cheaper Ride Hailing Service in India?

Uber is fighting wars on many fronts, but hasn't been winning very often. What is the situation in India? 

Today's top news, May 15: Singaporean AI company AIQ partners Russian social media VK.com

Also, Impossible Food raises US$300 million funding, and Schulte Group launched a marine-dedicated venture capital 

Will Uber's global alliances help or hurt its future as a public company?

Competitors are starting to consistently outperform Uber in non-American markets, even in its own backyard 

Today's top tech news, May 10: Uber sets IPO at US$45 per share

Apart from two news updates from Uber, we also have updates from Antler and SoftBank Ventures Asia 

Today's top tech news, April 26: Uber aims for US$80B-90B valuation in IPO

Apart from Uber, we also have updates from Hijabenka, Deal Street Asia, and SelenaGO