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Today's top tech news, Nov 22: Singapore's Arcadier to raise US$25M via token sale

Arcadier aims to introduce immutability, transparency and decentralisation to the global B2B and B2C e-commerce markets, while enhancing trust through blockchain 

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AI-powered messaging services provider 8 Interactive announces it has raised over US$650,000 in angel funding

8 Interactive allows businesses to manage customer service queries across multiple platforms, like LINE, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat 

Today's top tech news, May 16: SoftBank to set up new Vision Fund in near future

China's Didi Chxuing is making big changes to Hitch, its inter-city carpooling service, following the murder of a passenger at the hands of a driver earlier this month 

How the Moment app turned my phone back into a tool

We use our phones as an avenue to avoid boredom, hindering our ability to be creative 

Alipay overseas transaction grew by eight times over National Holiday Golden Week

For now, the growth is driven by Chinese tourists abroad, but that could change in the near future