[Podcast] The Story of You with Shopback Co-founder Shanru Lai

Shanru Lai explains why grit is essential for the startup world, and how Shopback convinced people the product is legit 

10,000 Recipes surpasses 7 million downloads

The popular Korean cooking app has a database far exceeding 10,000 recipes 

Right to bleed: This Indian startup gives a day's off to female employees on the first day of their menstrual cycle

With this, Culture Machine aims to acknowledge that period pain is a natural process and it is completely okay to take some rest on the day you are in most agony 

[Updated] Thailand to regulate on-demand video streaming as internet censorship heightens in the country

The Thai government will begin by narrowing down the most popular on-demand video streaming platforms in the market 

Netflix and Youtube are the dominant video streaming apps in Asia, so how can local challengers compete?

To win in the online video streaming market, a service needs to first have content that is crucial to the local population and be price competitive 

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19 steps to marketing your startup when your budget is next to nothing

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Mobile advertising in APAC still dependent on banners, but native ads could enhance engagement

Shifting to native ads and reduced reliance on banners could push more users to ditching ad blocking tools and eventually engage with sponsor messages 

Singapore's Paktor buys big stake in Taiwanese startup 17 Media

17 Media will receive a 'significant cash injection' and Paktor CEO Joseph Phua will take over as CEO