The TailsLife founding team

The TailsLife founding team

TailsLife, a Bangalore-based startup that offers an online platform for pet-related information, has secured an undisclosed sum in seed funding from several investors active in India.

With this investment, the company has also announced the commercial launch of its app.

The investors include Encube Venture Partners, Mohan Kumar of Norwest Ventures, V Balakrishnan of Exfinity Ventures, Satish Tembad, Vineet Jain and Nishanth Ramkutty.

“We will use the funds to enhance the product and technology, scale up to new cities, as well as to hire talent for tech, design, sales and operations,” said Balaji Ramesh, Co-founder and CEO of TailsLife.

The startup was launched in November last year by Ramesh and Kanishk Lihala.

TailsLife app

TailsLife, available on both Android and iOS platforms, offers expert-written content tailored to the specific breed and age of its users dogs or cats. It also features services booking, interactive forums, and vaccination reminders. The app comes bundled with listings for veterinarians and boarding spaces.

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Ramesh tells e27 that TailsLife plans to open an online pet store, where users can buy appetising food for their pets and pick up trendy accessories like leashes and food bowls for them.

“We will also launch a pet outings feature on the app, wherein we will connect the owner with pet-friendly resorts and eat-outs. They can also enjoy a quick getaway or even a laid-back vacation with their pet via our app,” Ramesh added.

“With rising disposable income and pet ownership, India is one of the fastest growing pet markets in the world. What India lacks is an integrated ecosystem where pet owners can get all their needs fulfilled in a common single platform. Being a pet owner myself, I am happy to be invested in TailsLife which provides a unique, unparalleled market place experience for all pet owners,” said V Balakrishnan.

“The petcare space has seen tremendous growth and largely the solutions that a pet parent is looking for is fragmented. Tailslife can a play a significant role and add a lot of value by bringing everything on a single platform to a pet parent such as myself,” said Suresh Kumar, Partner, Encube Ventures Partners.


Featured Image Credit: TailsLife