The TravelSkope founding team

Taipei-based startup TravelSkope — which provides a plug-and-play, all-in-one online travel agency (OTA) solution for airlines, hotels and travel agencies — has raised US$297,000 in Series Seed-plus funding from investors across Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand.

Notable among them are Japanese travel search engine Venture Republic Global; Nelson Wang, General Partner at Zino Ventures; Shannon Chaluangco; Lichi Wu, industry veteran and individual investor; Yani Lee, ecosystem builder and advisor to several accelerators and startup programs; Andrew Vranjes; Tom Duncan of KDV Holdings; and Sung-Min Chung, a seasoned technology investment banking and private equity veteran based in Hong Kong.

The company plans to utilise the funds to establish an office in Singapore, where it was incorporated, and expand into the Southeast Asian market. A portion of the money will also go into finding partners in the region and building on traction beyond Taiwan.

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Additionally, TravelSkope has appointed Tiffany Wu from Pinehurst Advisors and its seed round investor, as its CFO.

Founded in 2013, TravelSkope claims its turn-key solution allows its partners and clients to launch an OTA overnight and in a few  simple steps. For any partner with existing consumer traffic, TravelSkope allows to add a new revenue streams without much effort. It offers a portfolio of modules, such as car rental, hotel booking, airline ticketing, to allow its partners to choose the services they want to offer.

TravelSkope’s customers are traditional travel agencies, media and e-commerce companies, regional OTAs, and anyone with large customers/members base. By plug-in TravelSkope’s all-in-one OTA solutions, its partners are able convert the existing traffic or customer database to incremental revenue by selling travel related products, flights, hotels, and car rental via the online platform.

“With years of experience in travel industry, we have developed a technical back-end system that allows partners to kick off and run OTA in an efficient and cost effective way. Basically, clients just have to use our deployed-ready software and then focus on what they do best – leverage their customer relationship; our solution help partners monetize their traffic and realize full value of their customer bases,” Peter Chen, Co-founder and President of TravelSkope told e27.

“A practical example would be Yestrip. It  is a traditional travel agency that is fully owned by China Airlines, the largest airline in Taiwan. TravelSkope has assisted YesTrip to move from a manual booking process to a fully automatic OTA, including designing functions to allow consumers to flexibly select flight and hotel packages, setting up system to automate booking and issuing of flight ticket and hotel voucher, and expand YesTrip’s product offering to include group travels and vouchers,” he explained.

The company also counts one of the top three e-commerce companies in Taiwan as its client.

TravelSkope, which also runs and, received seed funding in 2016 from Pinehurst Advisors, KK Fund and COENT Venture Partners.