Preschool marketplacePhilippines-based e-commerce platform ­​Takatack Technologies (Takatack SG) has launched an early childhood education-focussed e-commerce platform in Singapore, simply called – the Preschool Marketplace. It is currently only available in Singapore.

The venture was developed in partnership with the Association for Early Childhood Educators Singapore (AECES) and Preschool Market. The Preschool Market runs on Takatack, an e-commerce marketplace available in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

In an official press release, it says that it aims “to make the procurement process for sourcing pre­school related supplies and materials more efficient and convenient for schools, teachers and vendors.”

School administrators will be able to streamline their ordering processes and track their purchase histories on a single portal.

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The Preschool Marketplace will also serve as a shopping platform for parents purchasing learning materials for young children.

Launched in 2010, Takatack was acquired by leading Philippines telco PLDT through its digital innovations Voyager Innovations in 2015.

“We are excited to see this collaboration succeed in Singapore. The Preschool Marketplace is not only beneficial because it gathers all these products and services into a single location, but in doing so it gives school administrators all the conveniences of e-commerce. Rather than go out and canvas in the city for vendors, they can pick and choose right there from their desktop,” said Mitch Padua, head of digital commerce at Voyager Innovations in an official statement.