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Ever felt that you are not suitable or ready to join a tech startup? If you have had this feeling, perhaps you will find this article relatable.

You’re a 90’s kid and after graduating from high school, you were “brainwashed” by your family, society, and the media into thinking that getting a job in the professional line of work is the only proper job that could bring you a bright future. Several years later, you graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and got a job in the engineering industry just to realise that this isn’t the job for you. You then start to look for alternatives.

A few years down the road, tech startups-turned-giants such as Grab, Uber, and Lazada are making headlines everywhere because they are either solving challenges or making your everyday life more convenient through tech. So working with these companies crossed your mind because you want to be a part of something larger, but you don’t know if you fit in.

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I’m sure many of you can relate to the example shared above. I have personally experienced being in that position, too. I studied Civil Engineering and realised that being an engineer and designing buildings wasn’t my calling. I took the leap of faith to venture into a tech startup – a platform to connect service providers to consumers – which would act as an important stepping stone for my career.

I started out in business development, onboarding service providers and ended up negotiating partnerships with corporates for a sustainable source of jobs for the service providers. Looking back, although the work scope was different than what I was trained to do at the university, the thought process and discipline of an engineer definitely helped when structuring some of these process flows and deals.

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Whatever your background is at the university, as long as you’re willing to hustle and learn, to be uncomfortable and to adapt fast, you will be able to fit in at any startup.

Being part of a startup that actively solves daily challenges definitely gives you a deep sense of satisfaction and I have never regretted making that change. A year after that shift, I am now working at e27 and striving to provide tech startups with a platform to be the next unicorn. From online media coverage to pitching at one of the largest tech conference in southeast Asia (Echelon Asia Summit), we provide these startups and entrepreneurs the right platform to showcase their solutions.

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