It goes without saying that technology is the mainstay of tech startups. To create a good tech product is a team effort, and it is necessary to have good leaders to manage and direct resources towards it.

Now, we at e27 are proud to bring you three CTO and technical co-founder jobs from our repository of 520 jobs fro 254 companies. If you think you’re up to the challenge of managing a team and bringing a product to fruition, feel free to apply!

CTO/Technical Co-founder at Capital Match
Capital Match is a financial solutions provider to SMEs. It aims to disrupt the banking industry in Asia by introducing peer-to-peer lending, letting investors and borrowers transact directly with each other and bypassing the banking intermediaries.

To fulfill its vision, it needs a  CTO/Technical Co-founder to take ownership of the product and build it up. If you have a degree in computer science, statistics or maths, and are familiar with common web frameworks as well as the peer-to-peer lending model, why not apply and become a key member of the founding team, enjoying a good-sized stake in the company?

Technical Co-Founder at Raydar
Raydar is a stock photography marketplace targeted at passionate and skilled photographers with a fair and transparent pricing model. It curates relevant, personable photos that can help to empower and amplify a brand’s marketing campaign.

Now, Raydar is looking for a Technical Co-founder to refine and improve on a relatively old tech industry. If you’re competent in both front-end and back-end coding, familiar with mobile app development as well as e-commerce, and are okay with only equity remuneration for now, why not apply?

CTO at LiteLabs
LiteLabs is a Singapore-based software development firm that is looking for talent to help develop its capabilities. Newly-started, it aims to build competencies in Big Data and mobile sectors such as location-based advertising, Lock Screen Advertising (LSA), and large-scale web/database applications.

Currently, LiteLabs is looking for a CTO to lead the technical aspect of the business. If you possess a diploma or degree in computer science or computer engineering, and have 3-5 years’ experience in developing web or mobile apps, why not apply and enjoy a substantial equity stake?

Image Credit: Stuart Jenner/Shutterstock