Bangkok-based food review website Wongnai has purchased its equivalent Hungryfatguy.com in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai for an undisclosed amount.

In an official statement published on the company blog, Yod Chinsupakul, Co-founder, Wongnai, said in Thai that Hungryfatguy has a focus on user reviews, which will be beneficial to Wongnai.

He then told e27 that Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand in terms of the economy, and is home to more than 5,000 restaurants. He said, “People are also very urban and active. There are a lot of techies, artists, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs.”

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“It’s a no brainer,” he added. In terms of milestones, Hungryfatguy has more than 100,000 visits per month on its website, with many of them being locals from Chiang Mai. Chinsupakul further noted, “We have gotten more traffic from Chiang Mai from Hungryfatguy. We have a website that locals trust in Hungryfatguy. We also have talent from the company working for us. We now have more products to offer to restaurants.”

This announcement comes shortly after e27 published that Rocket Internet-backed food delivery marketplace foodpanda has entered Chiang Mai with a local partnership. While this might sound optimistic to Wongnai in terms of hopefully joining hands with the company, foodpanda has already integrated another food review site OpenRice into its platform.

For the record, Wongnai had announced securing an undisclosed investment from Recruit Strategic Partners.