Thailand-based home listing startup ZmyHome has raised a US$400,000 seed round from KK Fund.

It will use the newly-raised funding to improve its portal and acquire new users from all over Thailand.

ZmyHome, a graduate of the dtac Accelerate programme, allows homeowners to sell directly to buyers. In fact, the portal only allows property developers or homeowners to list, and it does not charge commission or listing fees.

The platform, however, offers a set of tools that sellers can pay for to boost their listing. For example, it has a tool that it claims can identify buyers who want to purchase homes within three months in the sellers’ neighbourhood. And since ZmyHome will only charge per ad impression, sellers would not have to pay if no buyers view their property.

Other marketing and advertising tools on the platform allow sellers to study the prices of previous houses sold on the platform. Sellers are also updated via Facebook Messenger when there are there are potential or successful transactions in their neighbourhood.

Property developers such as LPN, Riche Place, CPLand, Real Asset, have sold units on ZmyHome.

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“We sold almost a hundred units to ZmyHome buyers with over 10 per cent conversion, the highest rate when compared to all sources” said Suwattana Tang, Director of LPN Development PCL.

“We invested in ZmyHome because they are an improving real estate platform standard in Thailand…ZmyHome is dedicated to making sure their platform is clean; it does not have duplicate, outdated or faked listings – this is of paramount importance for buyers to study supply and prices,” Koichi Saito, founder and general partner of KK Fund.

ZmyHome’s next goal is to develop a price suggestion system and an advertising tool to ensure all sellers are able to sell their property within three months.

Image Credit: ZmyHome